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Lifestyle | Land Rover #HIBERNOT Expedition

Lifestyle | Land Rover #HIBERNOT Expedition


Many of you know I don’t drive. Living in the city my entire life; the concept of getting my driver’s licence, let alone owning a car hasn’t been a necessity. I work, live and play in the city. Thankfully, I’ve always found myself being driven around (I know, Princess) or in these kinds of situations, fortunate enough to explore and experience vehicles in exciting activations.

Known for adventurous spirit, active lifestyle and innovative approach to all-terrain driving, Land Rover knocked it out of the park with this campaign. Encouraging all to embrace and explore the great outdoors Land Rover’s #HIBERNOT Expedition poses the question of ‘why hibernate when you can hibernot?’

That’s where we come in, influencers and journalists alike were invited to bundle up, strap on winter boots and drive up to Horseshoe Valley in an exclusive Land Rover fleet to partake in a choice of snowshoeing or tubing. Like hello, why bother giving me an option?! Tubing. Jetting off from the city in the Discovery Sport (above), we were among the first in Canada to test out the vehicle! Serving as the navigator and entertainment (because, when am I not?) I took to the sound system, interface and navigation options which ANYONE could have figured out. Daniel sat behind the wheel and said that it drove well with “major potential to take a beating and traverse wicked landscapes.” Granted we only drove on the highway and onto minimal snow, the Discovery Sport looks like it’s your next SUV!


For more on our day, tubing videos and the experience check out Daniel’s post on DoTheDaniel.

Photos: Daniel Desforges & Land Rover Canada
Video: Land Rover Canada

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