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TIFF | Suite On The 6ixth 2018

After years of not being able to attend the suite formally known as The Tastemakers Lounge, this marks my first year finally being able to make it! With years of work responsibilities to fulfill, trips or conflicting schedules; there was always something that held me back from visiting the now dubbed, Suite On The 6ixth

rock-it promotions founder Debra Goldblatt-Sadowski, founded the lounge in 2005 with each year seeing the property grow and evolve into the highly-sought after and anticipated event it is. This year, Suite on the Sixth welcomed a diverse group of notable and global brands including: Casper, Crumps’ Naturals, L’Oréal, Simply Protein, Perth Soap Co., Rosen’s Cinnamon Buns, FIJI Water, adidas, BOGS, Tonic Blooms, Penguin Random House, Alchemy Candle Co., Lindt and Hudson’s Bay.

Ever wonder what champagne would smell like if it were in a cleansing bar? I never did until I smelled one. The Perth Soap Co. shared their popular collection of luxury cleansing bars, body lotions and liquid soaps that are all made in Canada! Suitable for all skin types these products are a must; standout scents are Milk & Honey, Sparkling Champagne & personal favourite, Leather & Vanilla.

By now you’re all familiar with the mattress that needs no introduction. But did you know that Casper has an innovative pillow that is both soft & supportive? Dubbed simply as ‘The Pillow,’ Casper has created a unique pillow-in-pillow design that’ll have even the most sleep-challenged sleeper enjoying a restful night.

#SOT6 has a great position to giving back and this year the suite is giving back to Leave Out Violence (LOVE), an organization devoted to helping youth who are challenged by many forms of violence to build the skills and confidence necessary to change their lives and communities. Guests showed their support by signing a large display board that will later be given to LOVE for auction. Suite on the Sixth will be donating $10,000 to the cause.

For as long as I’ve been blogging these last 9 years I’ve never been to an event that asked me to bring my dog, Canela with me. I would’ve if I didn’t have to go to work right after the event so sadly she didn’t tag along. Why she was invited was to personally taste all the goodies & treats from Crumps’ Naturals. Crumps’ Naturals new premium dehydrated dog food, “Gutsy”made with organic fruits and vegetables, antibiotic and hormone-free fish or chicken is also packed with ingredients geared to promote a healthy “gut.” With all products made in Canada, Crump’s Naturals’ sent me home with one-ingredients treats that Canela had no hesitation in devouring.

The last year, I’ve been very conscious about the kind of food I eat and yes, I’m weak for fast food & junk food but overall I’ve made some massive changes in my diet like going dairy-free and choosing better alternatives to snack on. Coincidentally, one of those better alternatives happens to be SimplyProtein. Healthy natural snacks including bars (Chocolate Coconut is my fav!) and chips are non-GMO, high in protein, free from artificial sweeteners & flavours with 4g of sugar or less.

Thank you to the rock-it promotions team for my first and wonderful #SOT6 experience! Canela also sends an eager bark in gratitude.

Photos: Sarjorn Faour

Julio Reyes

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