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Editorial | Gigi Gorgeous for FASHION Magazine August 2017

Editorial | Gigi Gorgeous for FASHION Magazine August 2017


Shout outs to FASHION Magazine for featuring transgender internet (and Canadian) star Gigi Gorgeous! Known best for her YouTube channel that began with make-up tutorials as then Gregory Gorgeous, the Youtube superstar documented her transition very candidly – leading the way for many.

Gigi Gorgeous shines on the cover of FASHION Magazine’s August 2017 “boundary breakers” issue, which hits newsstands on July 10th and in select U.S. Barnes and Nobles on July 25th. In the 8-page spread GG opens up about her struggles as a transgender woman, what her stardom and cult following mean to her, how her role models have shaped her into the woman she is today and more

Gigi is photographed by Max Abadian and styled by George Antonopoulos wearing the likes of Greta Constantine, Prabal Gurung, BALENCIAGA, Atelier Stephen Caras, Saint Laurent amongst others.


On her personal struggles with transitioning:
“It’s probably the ultimate mindfuck […] going through life assigned a gender that you don’t really relate to or know that you aren’t in your soul.”

“For a transgender woman like me to get breasts, it is literally like a miracle… I came into the person I was supposed to be.”

On the criticism of her Barbie-esque style and figure:
“I am a girlie girl, and I like makeup, but that has always been my style. I think it’s important to note that transgender women come in all shapes and sizes and styles [too]. There’s no box that you need to fit in. Being transgender is about what’s inside your soul.”

On Lady Gaga as her role model:
“I always loved Lady Gaga – her music, her style and what she stands for. She helped to model a lot of my personality, and she gave me courage…She recently came up to me at the American Music Awards, tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Hi!’ I was dying inside. I could have died happy right then and there.”

On what YouTube stardom means to her:
“Being given a voice for my community on the platform of YouTube is such a blessing, but I’m just living my life and not trying to be smarter than anyone or dive into politics deeply. I’m just sharing my life, and I feel that’s the best way to educate others.”

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Photos: FASHION Magazine

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