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Beauty & Grooming | Kérastase Homme

Beauty & Grooming | Kérastase Homme


“With sensual textures, distinctive fragrances and the most exceptional formulas, Kérastase offers in-salon and home-care programs to meet the needs of every hair type. Our nourishing active ingredients immediately deliver visible results that leave the hair in immaculate condition, with exceptional texture and shine.”

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Most men (gay or straight) have never heard of Kérastase (pronounced Kera-Staas) whether that they don’t use it, they don’t frequent hair salons or put any interest into hair care and grooming. But whatever the case may be, it is important to note that Kérastase is one of the world’s leading hair care and grooming brands – honestly, it’s freaking HUGE. With over 50 years in the industry, beginning with revolutionary anti-dandruff treatments the line has gone to include products for every need, boost or maintenance for gorgeous locks around the world.

Kérastase is backed by years of experience, research & innovation so it’s a natural progression to create a men’s only line of products. In 2010 Kérastase launched the Kérastase Homme line targeted to men who pride themselves in personal care and realize that they have different needs than women.  Our hair is different, we deal with different issues and our hair doesn’t take on as much as a woman’s hair from the likes of hairdryers, curlers and dyes. And honestly, I just one to two products to deal with it and that’s it. So these two products from the line are targeted to improve your hair’s appearance and texture.


Kérastase Homme Capital Force Shampoo with Système Taurine improves hair by revitalizing and strengthening it. The hair is left feeling toned, strong and luminous with a fresh sensation. What the hell is Système Taurine? (I know my question too.) Here’s the significance of the formula and break down of its core ingredients:

Taurine: Amino acid which helps combat alteration and deformation of hair bulb
Blotin: Improves the quality of the environment of the hair bulb be reducing sebum production
Ceramide: recreates the hair’s intercelluar cement
Arginine: amino acid that stimulates hair substance.

Kérastase Homme Capital Force Densifying Modelling Paste protects the hair while giving it flexible fixation & provides a texturising effect with the same essential ingredients as the Capital Force Shampoo.

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