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Event | FASHIONIGHTS on Breakfast Television for Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Event | FASHIONIGHTS on Breakfast Television for Yorkdale Shopping Centre

You know that feeling where your stomach is turning so much because of nerves you feel like you’re going to barf all over the place? Well, imagine that times a million and you’d come close to how I felt a couple days ago when I had to appear on Breakfast Television.

As many of you know (and tuned in), I had the responsibility to represent Yorkdale Shopping Centre and dish out on some amazing Valentine’s Day looks and ideas for a romantic, casual and fun night out or in.

Waking up at the crack of dawn wasn’t my biggest worry, but the daunting fact that I could screw up and ruin every possibility of being a TV personality in front of the entire GTA. FREAKING SCARY! When I arrived at the BT studios I had a hour to see all the product in person and do some kind of a quick run through by myself and our amazing publicists (who, to be quite honest I wouldn’t have been able to do all this w/o them! Thanks Jen and Pascale!). The 3 models rocked out looks from Ted Baker London, LOFT, Papyrus and Holt Renfrew.

So you all know this was my first real television segment and most of you know how outgoing I am – but I was REALLY nervous especially with the fact that is was LIVE FUCKING TELEVISION! But, I have to say I’m not disappointed with it, I have to work on my posture, (THANK GOD the table was there but leaned on it too much) loose my use of “um” and try to make more eye contact. These are all things I knew going in and was reminded of them but still, major fail Jules! But, you are your worst critic they say. Check out the segment here and you tell me how I did!

These Monolos though…still dying over them, such an elegant silhouette and classic look — I especially adore the soft pastel colour, perfect for the coming season!

Behind the scenes shot — no idea what exactly I’m doing…dork!

Photos: Yorkdale Shopping Centre

Julio Reyes


  1. WhenJmetK

    You look great on t.v.! A natural! I think you did a great job, and this is only the start 🙂


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