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#FXMAS13 | Win $200 Giftcard to Yorkdale Shopping Centre & $150 to Le Chateau

#FXMAS13 | Win $200 Giftcard to Yorkdale Shopping Centre & $150 to Le Chateau

If you’ve been following my social media platforms or read my Holiday Gift Guide this year you probably are aware of some of the things I’ve been giving away! The #FXMAS13 giveaways ends December 12th and there’s loads of things still to be won, even Daniel will be giving things away!!


I’m making today an extra special day with not one but TWO giveaways! I have one (1) Yorkdale Shopping Centre giftcard valued at $200 and one (1) Le Chateau giftcard valued at $150!

All you have to do is comment below with what you would buy with the card. Make sure to mention which card you want (you can comment twice, one for each of the giftcards)!

Be cleaver and cheeky with your comments and don’t forget to enter a VALID EMAIL so I can get a hold of you!

The two winners will be chosen at random tonight at 6:00PM EST and contest is open to all residents of Canada!

Good luck and happy holidays!

Julio Reyes


  1. Jessica Denomme

    Obviously, I would use that Yorkdale gift card all for gifts for you JuJu. xx – J #gimmegimme

  2. Laura Walsh

    Fashionnights – help me buy some Christmas presents with that $200 Yorkdale card – actually scratch that – Momma needs a new pair of boots! Happy Holidays!

  3. Septembre

    I would buy the oxblood wool and black Italian leather blazer from Danier with the Yorkdale gift card. I’ve been obsessing over that blazer for over four months. OB-SESSING!

  4. Septembre

    Le Chateau has been slowly changing their image. Their shoes and accessories selection has been really great. I’d buy a pair of ruby red heels to dance the night away at holiday parties with the Le Chateau gift card.

  5. Josh Johnson

    I’d love to put the Yorkdale card towards a new Louis Vuitton belt, was in there a few weeks ago and was in love! Happy Holidays Julio!

  6. Tish

    Pick me, I’ve been nice this year and don’t deserve coal 🙂 But instead, new boots!

  7. Vanessa

    That Givenchy Madonna bag at Holt’s that’s on sale right now would be a downright steal with another $200 off! Wink wink *prays in corner*

  8. Rebecca Donofrio

    I would love to win the Yorkdale $200 Gift card and spend it at Michael Kors! This pretty little lady has never purchased a single item from Michael Kors yet! (impossible right?) I swear upon all the fashion gods its true! I mean the names Rebecca and Michael go sooo well together- don’t they? I can just picture a stunning Michael Kors tote on my shoulder right now! *daydreams*

  9. Rose

    A fancy-dancy business card holder!

  10. QueenJustine

    I’d thumb wrestle/twerk/cinnamon challenge, heck even volunteer for the hunger games for that Yorkdale gift card to help with my lack of fund$ this holiday season!

  11. Rose

    Ooops, forgot to mention the Yorkdale card please 🙂

  12. Rebecca Donofrio

    A $150 Le Chateau would make my winter blues turn into winter WHOOOOOS! I would buy a beautiful full length stylish winter jacket with it! Thank you so much for this giveaway opportunity Julio! Happy Holidays to you and yours!

  13. Vanessa

    Got so excited I didn’t mention Yorkdale. But obvs…Holt’s Yorkdale!

  14. Ashley H

    I would use the $200 Yorkdale gift card to buy a Kate Spade New York handbag that I’ve been eyeing! Merry Christmas to me!

  15. Ashley

    The $150 le chateau gift card would go towards some gorgeous new statement necklaces!

  16. Talia Brown

    I want the Yorkdale one so I can get something wonderful from Topshop

  17. Talia Brown

    If I won the Le Chateau card I would get my mom the most lovely cardigan and scarf. Fingers crossed I’m a winner xx

  18. Anna D

    With the Yorkdale gift card I could get my first pair of Louboutins from David’s!!!

  19. Zeina

    A $150 Le Chateau gift card! would get a nice white coat 😀

  20. Rhoda ghansah

    I want to shut sh*t down and turn heads this New Year’s Eve with the fiercest dress I can find! I can totally make it happen with theses gift cards.

  21. Ghada

    I would love to win either of these cards! With the Yorkdale gift card, I’d get a much-needed new winter coat!

  22. Zeina

    With $200 from Yorkdale I would definitely get new boots 😀

  23. Ghada

    If I wont the Le Chateau gift card, I’d get an outfit for a friend’s wedding this month 🙂

  24. Anna D

    If I won the Le Chateau gift card, I would buy something nice for my disabled god sister to brighten the holidays for her and elevate her spirit!

  25. Jill Alphonso

    I’d like to win the Yorkdale GC so I can go on a shopping spree to Aritzia and HoltRenfrew! Much needed as I didn’t get to shop all season due to the upcoming final exams!

  26. Zaniaj

    I would take this one guy shopping with the yorkdale gift card just because he has had a rough year and I know he will appreciate it. As for the le chateau card I will buy myself a new dress for New Years I haven’t spoiled my self since I had my son it’s been about a year

  27. Nourhan Safwat

    If I get a le Chateau gift card I’ll buy scarves for my mom 🙂

  28. Sara Sequeira

    If you won the Yorkdale gift card i would buy a Pandora “Mom” charm for my mother in-law to show her how much she means to me, and i would buy my husband a PS4 game.

  29. Kevin Luc

    Because I don’t want to seem like a Grinch
    I drive my girlfriend to the mall and take Finch
    My girlfriend always wants to see what’s for sale
    I exit 401 to take her to Yorkdale
    Call me crazy but I have an epiphany
    She’ll want to go to Holt and Tiffany
    Singing along to our favourite Christmas carols
    While picking out leotards at American Apparel
    We’ll skip the booth that sells fedoras
    Spend an hour choosing red lipstick at Sephora
    I want to Trek on a Star like Jean Luc Picard
    FASHIONIGHTS, I’d love to win that $200 gift card

  30. CL

    hmm i’d buy anything that catches my eye (shiny and sparkly) but in reality, i’d have to shop for a couple of people on my Xmas list, first and foremost!


    I would love to get the Le Chateau gift card and spend it on a special holiday dress! That would be awesome. They have such unique items there!

  32. Theresa

    Sharing is caring. Not only would I love to get a head to toe new look for the holidays with the Yokdale giftcard, but I’d obvi rather share it with a family member and get something to donate (as I do every year). Secret Santa. There’s such a huge selection of great places to shop at Yorkdale that I’m bound to find things that everyone will loveeee.

  33. Andrea

    Twas the day of Julios giveaway and all through the house
    Everyone was commenting on what they wanted even Andreas Spouse!
    The gift cards were safely in Julios care
    In hopes that one lucky winner he soon would share

    When out in Yorkdale there rose such a clatter
    As Andrea ran through the mall with such noisy chatter
    She ran into Marciano in such a flash
    In hopes that her new dress would impress her big party bash!

    Merry #FXMAS13 to all, and to all Good luck!

  34. sweetkeet

    With the Le Chateau card, I’d get a sexy little black dress and a new dressy purse because you just never know when there’s going to be an incredible holiday party. I want to be able to just jump into this fancy gear, just as Batman jumped into the Batmobile, and take off for glamourous adventures at the drop of a (party) hat!

  35. Theresa

    Le Chateau has changed a lot since way back when and I’d love to gain new appreciation/interest with the new styles and quality they have to offer. I’d get a nice dinner party dress because it’ll be something I’ll share my memorable moments with – with Le Chateau.

  36. Kevin Luc

    With the holidays coming I would love to impress
    Perhaps a new tie or for my love, a new dress
    Maybe a handbag or a new pair of pumps
    I can make other boyfriends look like some chumps
    Mittens and scarves to battle the snow
    Sweaters and jackets for the warmth this I know
    Oh how many things that I could bestow
    WIth 150 dollars to spend at Le Chateau

  37. sweetkeet

    Well, that Yorkdale $200 gift card is calling my name… I’d use that for an amazing household treat at Williams-Sonoma. I just want to shop there and find something really cool for my kitchen. Something lime-green, my trademark colour. Do you hear me, Williams-Sonoma? Get ready, ’cause if I win, I’m buying something lime-green from your store.

  38. Jillian

    I would buy an NYE dress for myself with the $200 Yorkdale gift card!

  39. Natalie

    I would use the Yorkdale gift card to help get my sexy back. First stop, Sephora for some sassy red lipstick, then on to Victoria’s Secret. What better way to get over a giant D-bag than to remind myself I’m pretty and I deserve to spoiled!

  40. Jillian

    I would still buy an NYE dress for myself with the Le Chateau gift card lol! Ok but all kidding aside, I would probably use it to buy my bf a new blazer so he could look just as good as me on NYE! 😉

  41. Andrea

    A fashionistas dream as she works her grave shift
    Please Julio Give me that $150 Le Chateau Gift!
    I dream of those office party looks
    and those love sleeved dresses
    I want a Holiday look that stuns and impresses!
    Tall sexy boots and glimmering heels
    Le Chateau has my must-haves that sure are steals!
    Accessories that sparkle and shine
    I really wish for the gift card to be mine!

  42. Christie Lazo

    I may not be a pro with the rhymes
    But I sure can get dressed to the nines

    Le Chateau has amazing picks this season and I would love to mix and match, get really creative, and put together a killer outfit. I love playing around with looks; particularly when it comes to day-to-night wear. Looks that can work at the office but also look trendy apres work for drinks/dinner with friends. Winning the Le Chateau gift certificate would be perfect to let my creativity soar!

  43. Graham

    I would obviously take the $200 Yorkdale gift card because it has more money on it. I would put it towards a SAND blazer at Harry Rosen on Boxing Day because I’m too cheap to pay for one but have always wanted one. I’m starting a new job soon so will need this to look shark and get lots of clients 🙂

  44. Christie Lazo

    Oh Yorkdale….my go-to shopping mall!

    If I won the Yorkdale gift card I would not just use it on myself, but I would share it with my mom on a girl’s shopping day! I would love to get myself a few pieces from Aritzia (I have my eye on a cozy Talula sweater), I also saw a gorgeous handbag when walking by Danier the other day; and as for my mom, I know she would pick out something lovely – maybe some new charms for her Pandora bracelet or a few pieces for her closet too!

  45. sharyn smith

    In the spirit of the season I would like to be Santa’s little helper and use the $200.00 gift card from Yorkdale towards buying two special friends something I know would bring a smile to there faces

  46. Christian M

    With the Yorkdale giftcard, I would use it to buy an unwrapped toy for the CP24 CHUM Christmas Wish.

  47. Demah

    With the yorkdale gift card I would use it for a day out shopping, eating and just having fun with friends or hubby.

  48. Demah

    With the le chateau card I’d get an awesome new outfit!

  49. Dan Levy (@TheDanLevy)

    I would take a dent out of the new jeans I’m going to buy with the $150 Yorkdale gift card. Lost me some weight and my old pairs are starting to look ridiculous.

  50. Tracy

    i’d use the yorkdale gift card towards a new ipad!

  51. Ryan

    i’d get a new pair of combat boots with the yorkdale gift card

  52. Sandra de la Cruz

    With the $200.00 yorkdale gift card I would buy our 9 year old nephew in the Dominican Republic as many baseball playing equipment at SportChek we can get with that, since he just started playing the sport and bring it as his gift when we visit him early next year 🙂

  53. Sandra de la Cruz

    With the le chateau gift card I would buy a dress 🙂

  54. David Chiu (@stardchiu)

    I would use the Yorkdale gift card at my fav store – Diesel! Hopefully get a pair a new jeans – it’s not cheap, so the gift card will definitely help….. thanks!

    email is [email protected]

  55. Yeewan

    I would love the Yorkdale gift card – will use it to do my xmas shopping! See, if I win it – i’m giving back! : )

  56. Yeewan

    I would love to get a new party dress along with some great accessories from le chateau! Fingers crossed!

  57. David

    I would use the yorkdale gc at my fav store – Diesel! Hopefully to get a new pair of jeans – it’s not cheap, so the gc will definitely help! thanks!

  58. Nick S

    I would spend that $200 yorkdale gift card on a beautiful Michael Kors watch for my beautiful mother. This will be the first xmas where I don’t with her anymore so I thought I’d go ahead and treat her.

  59. Christopher

    Well, with the Yorkdale card I would most certainly purchase a variety of OTHER gifts cards at various retail locations with the shopping centre, LV, Tiffany’s, H & M. I have so many gifts to buy and all of my friends and co-workers are very eclectic. They say that gift cards are a lazy gift, but I think they are smart. You can never disappoint! Unless you give a la-senza gift card to your Grandma, that would be AWKWARD!

    But if I cant get more gifts cards, I’d buy my lover a Tiffany ring. Rings on men are sexy.

  60. Nick

    I would buy my mom a new purse for Christmas with the Yorkdale Gift Card

  61. Dan Levy (@TheDanLevy)

    I’d use the Le Chateau gift card for accessories. Their Yorkdale store has a small area in the back full of clothes for guys as well as some sick pocket squares, great belts, and a wide variety of bracelets, necklaces, and rings. Gimme, Gimme!

  62. Brittany

    I would use the yorkdale gift certificate at michael kors to buy the medium jet set chain shoulder tote. I actually own it already but its the knock off I got it 2 years ago from chinatown in nyc and is looking (in the words of a wise man) “less than fresh boo”

  63. Thomas Kingston

    I would use the gift card to bribe a security guard to let me stay in the mall all night. Whilst there I will put all of the mannequins in compromising positions.

    Merry Christmas Julio and Daniel

  64. Kira stasiuk

    Hmmm what to buy with a yorkdale gift card…I think I need some shoes… And then some more shoes… Last I checked yorkdale has some places to get those no??!!

  65. Ella Caceres

    I would love to have the Yorkdale gift card only because I have never been there. I would love to buy a few things that I can gift to my family. I don’t think I need anything unless I see something that I want. But since you are giving away something I can use it to buy gifts to my family, it would help with my xmas shopping. I figured you are giving something that I can also give forward to others by buying my family xmas gifts this year.

  66. Kira stasiuk

    I could use the le chateau gift card to buy a dress to go with all the shoes I want to buy!!… Or maybe I would just buy more shoes!! Shoes always fit 🙂

  67. Brittany

    I would use the $150 le chateau gift certificate to buy the jacquard v neck dress as its absolutely stunning, would help with my fat arm complex AND is made in canada!

  68. Aleksandra Lesniak

    What a fantastic giveaway! Makes me miss Toronto even more! If I won the $200 Yorkdale Shopping Centre gift card I would gift it to my sister since I can’t be with her this Christmas and personally give her something. This would be the most epic, awesome surprise I could give her!

  69. Jason Chellew

    I would buy that amazing suit jacket that you had on the other night when I saw you at the FAJO Magazine Party with the leather sleeves!!! Help a boy out BOO!

  70. Steph F

    I would love to win the $200 Yorkdale Gift Card, can go a long way buying for three teenage daughters who all have their own sense of style!

  71. Stephanie

    Yorkdale gc plz! I’d take my little cousin to the mall and be like, pick whatever you want!

    My aunt did that for me as a little kid and the ability to actually choose something is fantastic.

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