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Food & Lifestyle | Diamond Estates Summer Sipping

Food & Lifestyle | Diamond Estates Summer Sipping

I’m pleased to announce that Diamond Estates and FASHIONIGHTS have partnered together to bring you seasonal posts for all things up and coming in the wine world. This edition, entitled Summer Sipping, is all about what’s hot for those scorching summer days and what’s sexy for the cool summer nights. I’ve had a chance to sample what’s coming this season, and trust me when I say that you are not going to want to miss these stellar new bottles.

Sexy & Sparkling

When I think about the summer, I think of fun and playful wines that dance on the tongue.  Nothing can do that more then a sparkling wine to enhance any occasion you can think of, from a Sunday brunch to a late night with the girls. A bottle of sparkling wine in the fridge is an absolute must for any wine drinker, but more so during the summer.

20 Bees Buzz & Bubbles VQA is one of those Ontario wines that never stops making me smile. Simplicity is key when it comes to sparkling wine, but there is a fine line between simple and boring. 20 Bees out of the Niagara-on-the-Lake region of Ontario offers anything but boring with this bottle. Hints of honey and citrus, and similar in flavour to wine’s you might know and love like Riesling, this bottle is a perfect Summer Sipper. Don’t limit yourself to this wine with just one course, but enjoy it with appetizers and desserts and watch the flavour palette play on the tongue.

Lakeview Cellars “GMR” Sparkling Reserve from the Niagara Peninsula is going to offer you something completely different when it comes to sparkling. Lakeview Cellars uses the “traditional” method which means equal parts Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes in the production process. The age of the grapes creates a crisp dryness with hints of apple and orange zest that leaves a beautiful lingering on the tongue. This definitely has more layers to its flavour profile but is just as approachable in my books.

Pretty in Pink

Nothing says summer like pink in a glass, wouldn’t you agree? However, finding wines of this colour that don’t taste of wood or Fruit Roll-ups is the hard part! Balance is key when you deciding to take on a rosé or pink coloured grape varietal; who doesn’t want something well-balanced and pretty in their glass on a hot summer’s night?

Seasons Pinot Grigio by De Sousa Wine Cellars in the Niagara Peninsula is a wine you wouldn’t necessarily expect to be pink in hue, and yet here it is! Hints of minerality & lime play with your taste buds from this bottle and its acidity helps it pair with almost anything from ceviche to a t-bone steak. Don’t ever under-estimate a good bottle of white wine because when you find one, it most definitely will surprise you.

Lakeview Cellars Syrah Rosé is a bottle that you must try at some point over the next few months and wow your dinner guests with. This bottle offers hints of fresh summer berries and an elegant finish that you might not expect from a young Ontario wine. The pairing with dark chocolate and spicy foods is out of this world. Make sure to check back on the Lakeview Cellars site soon to order it when it becomes available and before it sells out!

Seductive Scarlett

Most people don’t associate red wine with the summer heat because they find them too heavy and too dark for such a light and playful season. For the most part, a good glass of red wine makes me think of the fall and winter months but these new products are some that intrigued me and made me rethink my predisposition.

The De Sousa Wine Cellar’s Seasons Reserve Meritage is one of those reds that stole my heart from the very first sip. I’m immediately reminded of dark berries like cassisse and blackberries with hints of cocoa and smokiness. It’s lingering body is just dry enough that you can sip it on its own or enjoy it with a delicious barbecued meal. With a certain finesse, this bottle of red is one that can stand up to the summer heat without knocking your taste buds out and over powering everything else.

Finally, Daredevil Cabernet is a wine that at first I probably wouldn’t have picked up myself.  But as one of Diamond Estates’ boutique bottle of red wine not yet available for purchase it certainly lives up to its flashy bottle. Heavy and dark – seductive is the perfect word for this wine. Spice and oakiness with the softest hints of vanilla and cinnamon; this bottle is not to be taken lightly. Be assured, its body and flavours will satisfy any wine drinker out there looking for a well rounded wine. A beautiful hostess gift or pairing with Sunday dinner, this wine comes with my stamp of approval.

So, these are my recommendations of the newest products from Diamond Estates. Keep your eyes open for our seasonal posts and what’s hot and trending in the wine world. Make sure to tweet all about your experiences with @DiamondEstates and @DoTheDaniel ‘s Summer Sipping with #FASHIONIGHTS!

Photos: Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd.

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