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TDotTV Lounge at King Blue Condo

As TIFF comes to a close, it’s my turn to talk about all the great gifting lounges from last weekend. Being a part of FASHIONIGHTS opens a lot of doors and gives me the opportunity to meet a lot of amazing people. Now that we are growing exponentially, Julio & I had to divide and conquer Toronto for #TIFF13!

The TDOT TV Lounge was one of my favourite experiences of the entire week! Celebrating its 4th year in a new location at the beautiful King Blue Condos, the space was everything you could desire in a relaxing and cohesive lounge in the middle of the city. This was the lounge that had some of the greatest buzz around it all week; trust me when I say, it lived up to its name. Though I had no doubt of that, being that we know how Justin Edmead and the team at TDOT TV operate on the daily.

Gallo Wines and Trop 50

Glasses of Gallo Wines and Tropicana Trop50 cocktails helped to make the luxurious space, well, more luxurious. It’s always time for a mimosa, especially with half the calories while I’m working towards getting healthier. From the chat I had with Doctors about the Crystal Clear Vision procedure, to the skin tightening session I enjoyed courtesy of Salient Medical Solutions (stay tuned for a possible beauty piece to hit the site soon!) Pampered was the word of the day.

One of my favourite things in this world is, of course, food. Sometimes it can be said that event and lounge food is….well, dull. Not here. I was happily surprised to see catering by Paramount Fine Foods with a variety of delicious Middle Eastern dishes, Threeworks healthy fruit chips and Bite Bar Decadent minis for something sweet, and thankfully, the much needed Dentyne to freshen our breath.

Paramount Fine Foods tdottvlounge_2013_

I loved seeing familiar friends from Nella BellaSoya Boutique and Marc Anthony and I even got to pick up an outfit for our future puppy (Hopefully by Christmas!) thanks to Canada Pooch and Dry Pet.

Canada Pooch tdottvlounge_2013_
Soya tdottvlounge_2013_


For some amazing outtakes from #TdotTVLounge check out my Instagram!

A job well done to everyone who volunteered and worked The TDOT TV Lounge!  You’ve set the bar high and I’m already looking forward to 2014 and what tricks you’ve got up your sleeves.

Photos: TDOT TV

Daniel Desforges

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