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TIFF | Swarovski Fashion Suite 2013

TIFF | Swarovski Fashion Suite 2013

Swarovski Entrance

Rounding out the last of the TIFF 2013 posts this year. There are countless parties, after-parties, launches, suites and red carpets that I end up going to but not everything gets covered – it’s just not possible people!

But I always swing by the Swarovski Fashion suite that comes into town and this is probably my third or forth Fashion suite that I’ve been to see the Swarovski’s Catwalk Collection. Swarovski’s Catwalk Collection Fall 2013 has been displayed during Paris Fashion Week from February 26th to March 6th, 2013 within the Swarovski show rooms dedicated to the “SECRET TREASURES” Collection. The Catwalk Collection are show/art pieces that are painstakingly hand-crafted in Paris and make a trip around the world in a truck show style. One of each piece. Not for sale. For anyone. These exclusive pieces show Swarovski’s know-how, expertise and inspiration, all cascading directly on the Fashion and Accessories Collection.

Catwalk Collection

Some of the Catwalk collection.

Swarovski Fashion Suite Lounge

Swarovski Fashion Suite
Atelier by Swarovski
FW201314 Collection
Nirvana Collection
Romeo and Juliet Mask

“Inspired by the timeless theme of young love in the new feature film Romeo & Juliet, which stars Hailee Steinfeld and Douglas Booth as the star crossed lovers, Swarovski has created an exquisite collection of jewelry that reflects the movie’s romantic essence. The sumptuous new film adaptation of Shakespeare’s tale of forbidden love, which will see its US and Canadian release on October 11, is the first feature film from Swarovski Entertainment, the new film division which builds on Swarovski’s 80-year involvement in the film industry.

Comprising of 15 pieces, the delicate collection is created in a fresh and subtle pastel color palette, and interprets both symbols of the story and symbols of love including the heart, bow, sword, rose and cross. The collection’s iconic piece is the Knot ring, a timeless knot and cord design which is a replica of the love token in the movie which Romeo gives to his Juliet.”

Romeo and Juliet Ballgown


Photos: Swarovski – Teddy Chau Photography

Julio Reyes





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