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Toronto | Karl Lagerfeld Launches The Lobby at Art Shoppe Loft + Condos

Toronto | Karl Lagerfeld Launches The Lobby at Art Shoppe Loft + Condos

Leigh Lezark of The Misshapes_photo by George Pimentel

It’s not often when an uber designer (or celebrity) comes into Toronto and when they do they’re welcomed with screaming groupies, swarms of cameras and the usual selfie-requesting fan – but when you have Karl Lagerfeld making his first trip to Toronto (to launch a condo lobby no less) you can believe shit. Gets. Real.

I’ve encountered celebrity sightings, rubbed shoulders with some pretty big names in the hush hush of pre-event media interviews but Karl Lagerfeld is literally on whole other level. Forget, Beyoncé & Kanye antics, I’m talkin’ a new level of celebrity that should be dedicated solely to Karl Lagerfeld. The hysteria that followed him around was PALPABLE and having an 1-on-1 interview with the Kaiser was strictly reserved to long-lead media (eye roll). So, amidst the clambering guests (myself included) I scored a spot where apparently, I would have full view of Lagerfeld. Spending the whole time with dear friend, Farley Chatto (yes, the designer behind that blue fur coat) thankfully, Farley snapped a shot of the elusive Kaiser (b/c I was too busy fan-girling.)

Crazy Crowd_photo by George Pimentel
Crowd Goes Wild for Karl_photo by George Pimentel

The appearance of Lagerfeld celebrated his unique collaboration in the creation of the lobbies for the Art Shoppe Lofts + Condos; the newest property by Freed Developments and CD Capital Developments.

It’s interesting to design public spaces in a big building like this. It’s a vision – you can use modern furniture, modern architecture – things I’m really interested in. It’s up to me to find an idea of what will make this building different from the other buildings. The minute you enter, you have to feel that you’re in a place that’s special.” Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl Lagerfeld in model suite 2_photo by George Pimentel
Karl Lagerfeld in model suite_photo by George Pimentel
Leigh Lezark, Karl Lagerfeld_photo by George Pimentel

Shout outs to Spiro for tracking down and posting this picture of me from the VIP reception.

Photos: George Pimentel

Julio Reyes

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