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Look Book | OKV ‘Primo Edition’

Look Book | OKV ‘Primo Edition’

You guys all know I’m constantly keeping tabs on Canadian designers – because quite frankly #WearCanadian is the direction in which I’ll be leaning towards. I know it’s an agenda and I don’t care; we need to support our own and cultivate the creativity here so designers don’t establish themselves internationally. That and we owe it to the planet to know where our things are coming from, are they sustainably produced, who actually made our pieces and how does my purchase not only benefit the industry but gives us a product that’ll actually last. You’ve all heard it before, on my Instastories and here – I’m done with fast fashion, period.

Just landing in my inbox is this tidbit on Toronto-based luxury sustainable accessory brand, OKV.  OKV has official launched their brand to the public and  it’s debut collection is the men’s Primo Edition.

Designed in Toronto & produced in the Tuscany region of Italy, OKV’s collection leather accessories are handmade using the artisan tradition of natural tanning. A quality leather bag is an iconic and staple piece in any wardrobe and I want to introduce the world to a quality crafted product, without the environmental stress of traditional leather production.” says founder and designer of OKV, Wayne Mayers. 


The facility in Tuscany, a member of the Genuine Italian Vegetable-Tanned Leather Consortium, produces OKV’s luxury pieces by running 90% solar energy during the summer and 50% during the winter season. Waste from the leather making process is recycled to manufacture bricks for the construction industry while wastewater is collected, reused and purified. Hairs and small fibres from the skins are also repurposed into fertilizer

All of OKV products are tanned using fruit pods, leaves and tree bark to create a luxury line of leather goods designed to be durable and age with perfection. I freaking love that! I know that everyone comments on the fact that naturally-tanned bags colourways aren’t as varied or vivid as chemically dyed bags; but honestly, the amount of chemically-processed water that is used to not only make and THEN THROWN into waterways has got to stop! ANd when these age – I’m weeping already with their foreseen glory!

The Primo Edition styles include: hold all ($1600 CAD), tote bag ($900 CAD), rucksack ($1200 CAD), belted satchel ($675 CAD), wallet ($300 CAD) and cardholder ($190 CAD).


The brand’s e-comm; LIVEOKV.COM will feature all 6 styles starting Tuesday, May 8, 2018!

Photos: OKV

Discover more about OKV on their social as they slowly start the buzz for May 8th!!

Julio Reyes

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