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Look Book | Sneha Varma Fall 2017

I’m constantly on the hunt for Canadian designers that I can either feature here on the site or with my clients that are always vying for pieces that’ll have them stand out while supporting locally sourced or Canadian-based brands. Coming off fashion week(s) here in Toronto; why not take this opportunity to highlight a newly discovered Canadian accessory brand that’s peaked my interest. And well, #WearCanadian is my motto.

Born and raised in the suburbs of Ontario, Sneha Varma grew up in an home where her father was an international business man operating his own company in the hospitality industry and a French-Canadian seamstress mother minding her and her two sisters. Her mother’s influence on the importance of quality, well-tailored clothing had her making both her own and the children’s wardrobes – playing a key role in the introduction to her design experience.

Fast forward to the future, Varma, went on to attend the University of Toronto with a concentration in Economics and eventually became a trained accountant but it wasn’t only during her second maternity leave that she decided to follow her heart. Following her father’s entrepreneurial spirit with the creativity of her mother the SNEHA | VARMA brand was born.

Peek the entire Fall 2017 collection below. All pieces range from $52-$330 CDN.


Photots: Sneha Varma

Julio Reyes

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