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Fashion | Louis Vuitton For UNICEF #MAKEAPROMISE

Fashion | Louis Vuitton For UNICEF #MAKEAPROMISE

Fashion has long supported organizations benefitting those less fortunate which has been met with both positivity and negativity – negativity in ways that many feel that brands with their endless amounts of money should be donating their net income to said organizations. Understandable to doubt everything, but to quote a comic book, “with great power comes great responsibility” – a brand like Louis Vuitton, in its vast endless wealth and position has taken a stance to not only bring to light the importance of bringing hope to children at risk but to actively raise awareness and funds, globally to UNICEF.


Nearly 250 million children live in countries affected by conflict and millions more face risks from natural hazards and fast spreading epidemics. Every day, somewhere around the world, a child wakes up to a life filled with violence, persecution and hardship. Louis Vuitton renews its promise to bring hope for a better life to these children with the launch of #makeapromise day.

One year after the launch of its global partnership with the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), Louis Vuitton launches its first #makeapromise day on January 12th 2017 to raise funds for children in urgent need through its global network of stores

Louis Vuitton will donate $200 from every silver lockit pendant & silver lockit bracelet sold to UNICEF. But before you knock the brand for taking a cut from sales; they have encouraged all to JUST DONATE. The pieces are part of LV’s global social campaign to have those promises snapped & shared using the #MAKEAPROMISE, furthering the message to help children. So this January 12, #MAKEAPROMISE and share the message.


Photos & Video: Louis Vuitton

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