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Fashion | Jewlr Personalized Jewellery & $150 Giftcard Giveaway

Fashion | Jewlr Personalized Jewellery & $150 Giftcard Giveaway

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Let’s face it, custom jewellery is freaking expensive. You have to find a jeweller that knows what they’re doing, have an understanding of  gems and materials and will be open to your specifications. Scratch that whole ordeal and headache with this creative and fun website called Jewlr. No, I didn’t misspell that, Jewlr is an online portal where you can completely choose and customize an assortment of jewellery.

Rings, bracelets & charms, pendants and earrings are completely up to you create, in real time. Every style is available in multiple metals, and stones are available anywhere from diamonds, birthstones, gemstones and Swarovksi Zirconia. Laser engraving techniques ensure a personal touch that vary anywhere from names, messages, dates and other sentiments.

Manufacturing does happen in North America and Jewlr ships directly around the world! Daniel and I had the opportunity to create matching rings (below) with centre hammered detail made in tungsten.

BUT WAIT! I’m giving away one (1) $150 CDN gift certificate to use on! Comment below with a valid email address — the more creative the better, guys!

(Winner will be chosen at random, contest open to residents of Canada and US. Contest closes Friday, April 18, 2014 6:00 PM EST)

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Photos: Jewlr

Julio Reyes



  1. Amanda Hayden

    Mother’s Day is coming up! hehe

  2. Ka Ching

    It’s like you read my mind with regards to jewelry, Julio! I’ve been browsing jewelry stores in the malls and online stores for rings and find myself gravitating towards the men’s rings (I’m a woman by the way). After a little while, I realized that I subconsciously want to give a ring to my partner because he’s really one of the best people in my life – he traveled hours each way to stay with me in the hospital when I had major surgery, he secretly saved up his hard earned money to buy me a computer because I needed it for school but couldn’t afford one just to name a few. I want to give him a promise ring because I want the ring to embody my promise to him that I will try to be as good to him as he was to me. I browsed and saw a ring he’ll like already so winning this will help!'s-ring

  3. Leslie Scott

    Hey, I’ve been with my guy for almost 9 years without any ring-bling – but regardless, I love him to no end, and would love to have a ring with our birthstones in it to replace a cruddy old ring I’m wearing now!

  4. Mark G.

    my mom
    has cancer
    this year. A
    mom who beat all
    odds and raised a very
    good looking (I’m talking me)
    and stubborn child all on her own.
    There were some hard times
    and lots of good times.
    I would like to get
    her a ring from for
    her so she
    knows I

  5. Lori

    When my husband and I got married 13 years ago (my lucky number is 13!), we couldn’t afford to get him the wedding band that we were hoping for. The band we chose was quite simple and inexpensive. i would love to be able to present him with a new band on our anniversary!

  6. Wai Wai

    I would love to get matching pendant/rings for myself and my mom on Mother’s Day. I love how customization is actually encouraged on – way better flexibility than Ben Moss and co. 🙂

  7. Anesha Sylvia

    I checked out this site and I’m coveting a slew of items. I wanna win!

  8. Kevin

    The last silver ring with the imitation wood finish on your post looks pretty cool. I’m not a ring kind of guy, but would give this one a go.

  9. MV

    I love funky jewellry, alot of beautiful pieces. I would love to give something really special to my bf of 20+ years

  10. Pinkie

    Perfect gift for my other half!!

  11. Maggie C

    My bf’s birthday is coming up and I always struggle with a nice gift. This will help me “big time” — he would be totally impressed because he’s all about style!

  12. Tracey

    You had me at custom jewellery. There are so many wonderful creative and affordable pieces to choose from and personalize. I love their monogram pendants!

  13. Crysyal Utterback

    My husband and I got married two years ago on January 1st 2012.We had known each other for 8 years and was finally able to get married after many obstacles we had faced like alcoholism and with prayer god took that away from his/our lives.When we got married we only had $50.00 dollars two spend on two rings.I ended up finding a pretty whit gold ring for $40.00 and fell in love with it so my we bought it but that only left us with $10.00 dollars so my husband went with a ring a river ring that we found at a different shop for $8.00.So we made them work.We were not rich with money but we were with the love we had shared for the 8 years.We knew in our hearts that no matter how much we had to spend it was time we got married.Wonderful timeing cause we were blessed with the news 6 months later that we would be having a baby which was a complete surprise after being told I would not be able to conceive any more children other than my daughter which is 16 yrs. now.I would love to be able to give my husband a nice ring.The $8.00 ring that he were’s with pride has became bent a bit .I would choose the very first ring above.It seems to suit him well.

  14. Stacey

    I love all these rings! But money is short I’m living pay check to pay check but I think my man deserves a ring after being by my side after so long and he’s always encouraging me to better myself. I wish I could surprise him with something as special as one of these rings 🙂

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