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Fashion | Indochino Traveling Tailor #SuitUpTDOT

Fashion | Indochino Traveling Tailor #SuitUpTDOT


I was watching an episode of ‘Modern Family‘ the other night and I’m still laughing at the comment when Cam said, “I can’t buy something off the rack, I’m not Cindy Crawford.” As hysterical as that is, he’s absolutely right. None of us are Cindy Crawford and for the select few that off-the-rack fits (well, that is), truly fit them, are one in a million.

You all know I’m one for a tailored suit or custom-made shirt (a la Garrison Bespoke), and there’s NOTHING worse that an ill-fitting suit. Nothing. Bespoke tailoring can fetch a pretty penny, but this is where Canadian menswear brand, Indochino is changing that stuffy notion and making it reasonably priced, approachable and easy for every guy. I could go through the whole blah blah blah about it but just watch the video and you’ll get what Indochino is doing with its Traveling Tailor.


Fooling around as usual at the Toronto launch of Indochino’s Traveling Tailor – the pop up, located at 425 King St. West is doing so well that it’s been extended until June 8th! So guys, if you’re looking for something of quality and versatility, I suggest swinging by Indochino’s Traveling Tailor and see what it’s all about. Ask questions, see where they’re sourcing fabrications from – the entire team is there to help and they know what they’re talking about!


Photos: Indochino

Julio Reyes



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