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Preview | Danier Leather Fall 2013

Preview | Danier Leather Fall 2013

There’s nothing more appropriate than leather in the fall! And I’ve always said that a leather jacket is definitely something that everyone shouldn’t be afraid to splurge on. But, then there are brands like Danier Leather that incorporate design, quality and reasonable price-points that won’t have you sacrificing design & aesthetic. Danier Leather has some key trends for us this season that include biker silhouettes, mixed media and a casual aspect that include hooded styles!

I can’t make it more obvious with what biker styles include; cropped bodies with biker detailing, form-fitting silhouettes and all the hardware you can ask for! An assortment of rich colours that include burgundy and deep greys will have you easily incorporating these styles with just about every look. And let’s not even get into the supple leathers like lamb. Unbelievably soft!

When the fashion industry refers to mixed media, it’s referring to the work that incorporates two or more fabrications in a piece. Leathers paired with wool blends or ponte knits; this season is seeing a huge trend with a mix of contrasting fabrications.

I love this dress that has a removable leather piece that makes it easy for washing!

The hoodie! A North American staple that has taken over closets everywhere, and no matter how much you dress up you’re almost guaranteed to have one of these! Danier has now incorporated the go-to piece in leather styles – for a casual urban look these options are a great addition to your closet.

Below is a small look of the ever-expansive accessories department that Danier has to offer. Look for subtle pops of colours! But honestly though, when in doubt, accessorize.

Photos: Julio Reyes

Julio Reyes

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