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Fashion | Garrison Bespoke Custom Tailoring

Fashion | Garrison Bespoke Custom Tailoring


Menswear has seen a transformation the last few years, from silhouette and fit to availibility and demand. It’s that demand that has me intrigued – men, especially younger men, have become aware of what dressing well can do for them. Younger men are shopping more and becoming savvy when it comes to dressing, and you can’t get any closer to getting what you want than having something tailored and having a bespoke suit made.


Bespoke has been thrown around lately and a lot of the time it’s bullshit. Bespoke tailoring is not only commissioning a specialized suit, shirt or trouser; but an experience. Having a one-on-one interaction to learn about both your lifestyle and personal style to  provide you with the best options are critical and Garrison Bespoke has that and more.


Here’s a look at my first picture from the experience, this brilliant tartan fabrication that feels unbelievable and is on point for the season! It was a challenge deciding which fabrication I wanted because I’m SUCH a visual person that it was difficult picturing the final product. 

Daniel and I recently had the pleasure to be wooed by the talented team at Garrison for our own personal bespoke shirts.  “A well-fitting shirt is the first layer of a suit or an outfit. Garrison Bespoke will help you determine the shirts you need in order to build your complete look for work, leisure, or romance. You will have the perfect look, no matter the occasion”

From the extensive swatch fabrics, Dan and I had free reign to choose any fabrication we wanted and after we did we were measured. Chest circumference, sleeve length, shoulder drop – of which I learned that my shoulders rest forward, making my shirts bunch and gather on top of my shoulders! Apparently it’s common in tennis players – hah, I have tennis shoulders. I can work with that.


My final fitting of the shirt had me try on the finished shirt to make sure it was perfect from sleeve length to proportion. Now, I wanted a slightly tailored fit on the arms so I don’t have the final product just yet but I will be tweeting my final photo on Twitter and Instagram so stay tuned. It’ll be ready this week!

Shout outs to JS from the Garrison team whom we’ve come to love and adore for all his help during the process and is the freshest dresser in the city! Honestly though, YOU NEED to follow him on Instagram to see what’s up. Gentlemen, if you’re ever in the market to have a custom suit made, I highly recommend Garrison as the best here in the city – but if suits aren’t your thing or don’t want to invest in something like that just yet, try a shirt. Having a piece that isn’t off-the-rack will change your life and you’ll see the difference.

Photos: Julio Reyes

Julio Reyes

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