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Event | HARD CANDY Cosmetics & Apparel S/S 2013 Launch

Event | HARD CANDY Cosmetics & Apparel S/S 2013 Launch

Man, last week was a whirlwind! From work to personal things to events – it seriously was jam packed!! Blackberry launched the much-anticipated Blackberry 10 and naturally they had a huge party and being a Blackberry Elite member there was a pre-party before the main event. But after the preparty and before the huge fete at The Carlu, I snuck into the HARD CANDY Cosmetics and apparel launch, which caught me by surprise.

Surprise you ask? Well, many of you know I can’t stand active wear because to be quite honest it looks ugly and does nothing for your body. And I don’t care how much you argue with me on how comfortable it is – I don’t want to hear it. But this newly launched apparel line with a younger and junior demographic in mind is darling and refreshing. I have to face the fact that the Tween and Teen market won’t be dressed in head-to-toe Givenchy and that they’ll opt for Uggs before a pair of Louboutins.

The ultra-affordable line will be available at Walmart and range from $12 and $16…yeah, no – you read that right and comprises of shorts, sweats, hoodies, tees and more all in seasonal colours.

Clothes aside I want to touch on the cosmetics – of which 3 products stood out and deserve a try from you all! Waterproof Felt Tip Eyeliner (I tried it, it goes on smooth and YOU control the stroke thickness) Skin Clarifying Concealer (tried it, goes on smooth and I find the pigment has great coverage) and finally, the Nail Lacquer (The colour selection is amazing, BUT I’ve yet to see how long it lasts!)

Some of the Nail Lacquer selections.

Honestly, give me a couple drinks and I’m already taking my top off…

Photos: Becca Lemire

Julio Reyes

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