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Ad Campaign | evian Baby Bay ft. Gigi Hadid #LiveYoung

Ad Campaign | evian Baby Bay ft. Gigi Hadid #LiveYoung


Before you all start to giggle and/or collectively “aww” due to this latest evian #LiveYoung campaign, you have to know that it’s rooted in evian‘s vision of youth. What is that vision you ask? A positive and universal value and openness to the world and the unexpected (regardless of age). Whether you’re a curious toddler, adventurous 30-something or retired enjoying those fabled golden years, evian celebrates living young. Whatever and however that may be.

In this latest campaign, evian continue with their ever-popular evianBabies by taking us to the tropical #evianBabyBay and commission Gigi Hadid to front the ad! See the full video campaign below:

evian asked a few of us what our personal #LiveYoung style is and celebrated it on a roof top party at the Drake Hotel Sky Yard earlier this week. I’m no pro athlete and despite not being the healthiest of eaters and maybe not being as active as I should be; I know how imperative it is to drink water. With about 80% of our bodies made up of the essential substance, I notice a dramatic difference in my sleep pattern, energy levels & most noticeably my skin when I’m drinking enough water. We’re the only planet with liquid water (that we know of so far) and we’ve seen the important role water has played in the evolution of life, so honestly, drink more of it.

Processed with VSCO with f2 preset
Processed with VSCO with f2 preset

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Photos: evian & Julio Reyes on the Samsung Galaxy Note 5

Julio Reyes

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