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Defining Daniel | Arbonne Canada’s Herbal Tea

Defining Daniel | Arbonne Canada’s Herbal Tea

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“Better. Brighter. Stronger.”

*N.B: This is the personal journey of an individual and not what should be expected and/or the outcomes that you or others may experience.

Week #2

The first week of a cleanse is always a learning experience for you and your body; you learn how your diet really effects your energy, skin, bowels and overall life. When I started this cleanse I knew I was going to experience changes; being a healthier and more natural approach compared to other products I had high hopes.

My body has experienced ups and downs throughout my various diets & lifestyle changes and it has had to learn to adjust to the nutrients I was supplying it with. A daily routine of 2 Protein Shake Mix Meal Replacements for breakfast and lunch with a full healthy dinner meal I found that my energy was up and felt more balanced. Now that week two is on its way, I can say I’m feeling more revitalized and my sleep patterns have improved; I’ve found I can get out of bed better without feeling so sluggish. With my consistent workout regiment I’m starting to notice differences inside and out.

As you know, Arbonne Canada offers vegan friendly, natural products and my suggestion to help you deal with the changes that you’ll encounter is to keep yourself hydrated. The simple point of drinking a glass of water with every shake and meal to help your body metabolize and digest better. Trust me on this one, you’ll thank me no matter what kind of dietary change or cleanse you embark on – drinking large amounts of water is vital!

Working with Arbonne Canada‘s Nutrition products for this 30 day cleanse I’ll introduce a new product weekly that’s included in this cleanse. Health & Wellness is all about finding balance in the craziness of work, life and love. So what better to help define this balance then a structured meal plan, healthy exercise routines with balanced meals and the necessary vitamins?

Arbonne Nutritional Tip of the week:

“Stay hydrated! Water is vital to healthy living. Drinking plenty of water is essential for processing nutrients and maintaining a proper fluid balance. Ideally, you should have eight 250 mL glasses of water per day.”

Product of the week:

Tea! One of the simple additions to your day to day, and yet something that can help regulate sleep and dietary intake. Arbonne Essentials Herbal Tea is one that has helped to not only aid in my digestion, but also to help me relax after a stressful day at the office or a busy night of events with Julio. With hints of mint and chamomile, you’ll be surprised on how many healthy ingredients you’re drinking in a hot cup. It’s one of those parts of the day I look forward to. The best part of this cleanse is that it doesn’t restrict my caffeine, which would be unrealistic for me! I’m a coffee fanatic! But I try to balance everything out – for every cup of coffee I drink, I enjoy a cup of Arbonne Essentials Herbal Tea.


Secret Weapon of the week:

Even if you make no major changes in your life, I encourage you to try to increase the amount of water and herbal teas your put into your body. Hydration not only helps your body metabolize the nutrients it needs, it also helps to flush away the toxins we take in daily. Most of my massive health changes were linked to increased water intake. A simple step like scheduling a glass of water with every cup of coffee I drink or snack I eat helps to not only temper my hunger but also encourage my metabolism in a healthy way.

No one trick will be the dream dietary change that makes you into the super model you want to be, but this one will help improve things like your skin and your appetite in a healthy way. Prepare yourself for frequent trips to the washroom, especially during the first week as your body adapts to its new hydration! Don’t like water? Try herbal teas with citrus and honey for a refreshing twist on the most important part of your day alongside a healthy diet and regular exercise!

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