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Beauty | Salient Medical Solutions ‘Fractora Firm’ Facial Procedure

Beauty | Salient Medical Solutions ‘Fractora Firm’ Facial Procedure



The now infamous day has arrived. Today, October 17th marks my thirtieth birthday! Over the last three weeks I’ve been working alongside Salient Medical Solutions, in association with Dr. Sammy Sliwin and the incredible Tina Eliopoulos. Together we’ve been working towards what I can best describe as the fountain of youth in skin treatments.

So, let’s break this down. I’ve visited Tina and she has performed a simple procedure on my face which helps to firm and tighten my face, known as the Fractora Firm© treatment by Invasix. I don’t necessarily believe in plastic surgery or Botox-like treatments, but when I had the chance to meet the team from Salient Medical (including Jay Herman, President of the company) at the TDOT TV Lounge during TIFF, my curiosity was peaked. The Fractora Firm procedure seemed too good to be true. Low and behold, after just a quick twenty minutes in the chair, there was a noticeable change in my face. My skin seemed to glow and overall looked younger.

How does it work? Well, the scientific textbook answer I was given was this:

The FIRM hand piece is a bipolar radio frequency device for non invasive and non ablative heating of the tissue to trigger collagen remodeling. The FIRM uses highly regulated treatment using A.C.E. technology;

1.ACQUIRE using temperature control

2. CONTROL providing feedback and control cutoffs and

3. EXTEND to monitor treatment time reaching therapeutic thermal endpoint.

The FIRM delivers RF energy to the dermis to cause a controlled “damage” to the tissue which triggers a natural response leading to the renewal and regeneration of the collagen in the skin. With built in sensors can monitor the temperature and impedance allowing the user to reach a precise therapeutic endpoint temperature and maintain that temperature for optimal treatment time. These controls help maximize treatment efficacy, safety and comfort for the patient.

The treatment is targeted for fine lines, wrinkles, skin tightening and skin rejuvenation improving both texture and laxity of the skin. The treatment protocol for the FIRM hand piece is once a week for 6-8 weeks. Treatment takes about 30-45 mins for a full face and neck.

For those of us that don’t use medical jargon, what does this mean? I essentially lay down and have an ultrasound like gel applied to my face. As the FIRM hand piece passes over my skin, it heats it to 42 degrees celsius. What this does is help to increase the production of collagen and elastin under the skin. As we age, we slowly stop producing both of these naturally which is why you’ll notice that skin sags and wrinkles.

I wouldn’t subject myself to a treatment, nor blog about it if I didn’t stand behind it. In the past, similar technologies were so hot they would burn the skin and be extremely painful. Microdermabrasion procedures can leave the skin red for days and require mandatory down time; with Salient’s new technology this is the most advanced treatment asides going under the knife or taking a needle to the face.

Now, let’s be honest. Is it always pleasant? No. I won’t lie to you. Your face is slowly heated to a controlled temperature and at times, the heat can unpleasant. But overall, the redness on my skin fades within the first hour after the treatment, and the next morning I’m waking up looking and feeling rejuvenated.

So, to each and every one of you looking for a way to help improve your face you should check with Dr. Sammy Sliwin or your local plastic surgeon to ask if they offer the Fractora Firm© treatment. With talented certified practitioners like Tina, you will find out how quickly a few weeks can start to take effect.

Now for the big reveal… half way into my six-week procedure and officially 30 years old today, this is my progression from week 1 to week 3.


My eyes have lifted, my skin is constantly receiving compliments and I’m feeling great about my self-esteem! Stay tuned for the last three weeks as I continue on this journey to a more youthful me!

If you do decide to try the procedure or want more information check out @SalientMedical@TinaMedLaser or @DrSliwin#FractoraFIRM

For some behind-the-scenes pictures from my ongoing progress, make sure to follow my Instagram.

Photos: Salient Medical Solutions

Daniel Desforges

** N.B. These results are based upon one person’s experience with all products, tools and staff. Results may vary.


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