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Lifestyle | Canela is Adventure Ready With Loyal Canine Co.

Lifestyle | Canela is Adventure Ready With Loyal Canine Co.

Those that follow me on social have come to know Canela as a vivacious personality whose taken up my Snapchat story & whose near-daily bowel movements & socialization issues have become nation-wide expectation. What? She has an extremely sensitive stomach and I’m constantly at battle whether to have her on raw or mix in kibble diet. Thankfully, we’ve finally found a balance.


And if you saw recently; we’ve had a break through with her socialization with other dogs.

So positive in fact, I cried.

So to say that I love this dog would be the understatement of the year. I’ve had dogs my entire life, whether at home or surrounding me somehow and I’ve never met a more beautiful, devout soul like my Canela. As a forever home for a rescue whose changed my  preconceived notions on rescues, I can’t help but constantly worry about what she’s eating, how she’s feeling, what I put on her body, hell, I freak the fuck out when I see her become lethargic some mornings. Panicking on whether or not I should call the vet. So it comes to great comfort to find brands and companies producing quality products to improve the health & well being of my four legged loved one. Better yet, all natural AND MADE IN CANADA.

Enter Loyal Canine Co.: manufacturing dog care essentials for people who demand the best for their canine. Headquartered in Hamilton, Ontario; all of LCC’s goods are handmade in small batches to ensure the finest quality for man’s best friend.


It all started with a man and his loyal canine… After discovering that bulldogs (just like his Frankie) tend to have chronic dry nose problems, Allan Glanfield was inspired to create a new line of healing balms and grooming products for dogs. It would combine a dog’s need for an effective product with an exciting brand experience for the dog owner. Proper dog care requires consistency. If the product resonates with the owner, the pup is more likely to benefit. This curated collection includes a nose moisturizer, paw protector, and first aid ointment, as well as soap on a rope, coat conditioner, and fur freshener, carefully formulated using all-natural ingredients.

But he did not stop there…Glanfield also designed well-made leather accessories to complement his own taste and style taking inspiration from the worlds of fashion grooming & vintage racing. And Lord knows we all know how I feel for leather — the design aesthetic is completely up my alley.


Nena is originally from Miami, so last winter was her first and her paw pads were the first to take the brunt of our snow and awful use of salt on sidewalks – the dried and cracked almost immediately! A dog’s paws can become rough, cracked, and worn through. This can be very painful even if your dog does not show it. No.1 Pawmade is an all-natural ointment that protects and heals a dog’s paw pads from everyday wear and tear on concrete, asphalt, road salt, and mountain rocks. Carefully selected ingredients create a barrier between the ground and paws, protecting them from future wear, while promoting healing and pain relief from existing damage. ($19)


As a Sharpei cross, Canela can suffer from dry skin. Those that don’t know, Sharpei’s were bred to guard the castles & temples of Chinese emperors and the excessive wrinkles around their bodies protected vital organs whilst defending Royalty. The excessive inbreeding has resulted in the breed to have A LOT of skin conditions, particularly allergy-induced skin infections or dry skin. JUMPING At the opportunity to test out Loyal Canine Co.’s Rise & Shine Coat Conditioner will bring life back to Nena’s coat, as well as soothe, nourish, and prevent dry, itchy skin. The all-natural formula is non-greasy, and leaves no irritating residue. ($10.95)


As I learn about what works with Nena and what doesn’t I’m more than happy to share with all of you our experience; Loyal Canine Co. was something I knew I had to share given the properties of many of the ingredients they use and encourage you all to test things out. Just as humans are sensitive to products dogs may also have their sensitivities to certain things so be mindful to carefully incorporate what you give or put on them. Look at Canela! She’s so test things out in small doses and wait between a day or two to see if it initiates a reaction.

To learn more about Loyal Canine Co. and where to buy visit

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