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Daniel’s Dish | KITCH Bar

Daniel’s Dish | KITCH Bar

I’m very excited to be sharing my very first Daniel’s Dish, my newest column for FASHIONIGHTS which helps (hopefully you), find the latest and greatest restaurants in Toronto. The premise of the column is simple; work with restaurants of all kinds in this amazing city to explore what they have to offer and what makes them unique. In a city like Toronto, the choices are sometimes daunting and the food reviews and critics can be snotty and too complicated for their own good. So why not keep this easy?

Drinks. Appetizer. Main Course. Dessert. All along with a bit of information about what makes them the week’s Daniel’s Dish and why you should try them right away!

KITCH Bar, 229 Geary Ave. (647) 350-4555

KITCH Bar is off the beaten track in more ways then one and fun in all the right ways. I wasn’t quite sure what to make of the space but slowly started finding little touches and quirks that left me intrigued. From the hand drawn wall-art in Sharpie by owner, Bryan Jackson to the old speakers that line the bar – add some uncomplicated furnishings and you have that hipster Queen Street vibe without the grunge or newly adopted pretention.

Nothing says fun like a playful cocktail menu, but let’s be honest, I don’t have time to look through 23 pages with appendices for my decision. Their drink menu was just right for me, simple but with a slight twist to add their personal touch to classics.

The Spicy Mojito with Sailor Jerry’s Rum was just what I needed on a hot summer evening; not overly minty & sweet, and playfully rimmed with Tajin cooking spice that left me wanting more.

Now, I have a soft spot for Sangria, and this tall glass was tasty and right up my alley. Nothing can ruin a good sangria quite like cheap wine or too much alcohol, and thankfully neither were the case. My only criticism would be that I would have loved to have had fresh fruit infused into the drink instead of frozen; but I still recommend trying one on their tucked-away patio out back on a hot summer’s evening!

I was immediately drawn to the idea of Mexican Corn since I was in Mexican inspired restaurant after all. One husk of corn roasted with mayo, spices and parmesan and then cut into two for your enjoyment. Sweet and spicy at the same time with that heartiness of the parmesan. Definitely a must for any visitor.

KITCH immediately became one of those places I recommend and try a few appetizers and not be worried about being too full because the portions aren’t overwhemingly large. And you know the best thing about smaller portions at KITCH? Appetizer dishes are only $5.00!

Known for their amazing Nachos of every flavour and interpretation (seriously though, you have to try them) I’m going to have to give my vote for favourite dish to the Chipotle Chicken Tacos. Homemade, slow cooked chicken with just enough heat, flour toritllas, pico de gallo, huge slices of ripe avocadoes and a light drizzle of Choptle mayo completes this fresh and lively dish. Classic Mexican flavours and slightly messy just like a good taco should be.

I have only this year been introduced to the Churro – yes, I know it’s pretty much a crime to have waited this long but so be it. I know they can be quite the process to make and so when I found out that KITCH didn’t make them in house I was slightly dissapointed but understood. However, they do bring them in from some of the best Churro makers in the city, Pancho’s Bakery. That’s actually the concept behind the entire restaurant – if it isn’t made in house, (which for the most part everything is), it’s sourced out to local businesses and Mexican establishments to ensure the highest quality. And that my friends says a lot about the integrity of this restaurant.

The best way to end a night other then dessert is a good drink. Obviously. I am known in my circle of friends as a Caesar fanatic and I am going to go so far as to say that KITCH offers one the best Caesar I have ever had in Toronto. Honestly, try their Can’t ‘Beet’ This Caesar. These are NOT for the faint of heart and are hotter then hell but if you’re in the mood for a spicy finish or a good hangover cure the next morning, head to KITCH right away.

Aside from a great menu, KITCH offers entertainment from stand-up comedy to DJ’s and much more. With it’s New York style feel of a patio by the train tracks, it’s ecclectic decor inside and it’s friendly staff, I’d say you’re gonna wanna check out KITCH as soon as possible.

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Photos: Julio Reyes & KITCH

Daniel Desforges

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