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I’m nearing my 30s and whether I’ve had a spiritual awakening is beyond me. But I view things differently; have less time for nonsense, frivolous purchases and the mundane bullshit fashion & the industry push onto its consumer. I pay close attention to the impact I, and my platform have on my audience and subsequently the world we live. But that’s not this blog post and I don’t want to sound preachy and shit so I’ll show you different options, products & alternatives. By now my position on sustainability, reducing my (and your) carbon footprint & ceasing the shopping of fast fashion is very clear. We, as a species have a responsibility to this planet to give back to it asides the fertilizer we become when we die.

Recently, I was approached by the team of WISE Men’s Care to try out their products and it didn’t take long to jump onto their sustainability bus. For real, and it’s in their simple mission statement: Care for yourself. Care for the planet.

The seed for Wise was planted in a barber’s chair where our barber colleague noticed that many of his clients, like himself, were seeking grooming products more in line with their current lifestyle and beliefs. The two main recurring problems are that the personal care industry uses ingredients that have harmful effects on our health and the environment, and packages products into polluting, single-use plastic bottles.

Asides ALL their products being free of artificial fragrances, colors, parabens, phthalates & sulfates – their sustainable and consciously sourced packaging was the crowning glory. Each product comes in 2 different packaging options that can be used separately or  used together to create a unique refill system.

I’ve been using the products below the past few months and have loved them all. I will mention that I have naturally oily hair and did find that the cream pomade (last image) accentuated my hair’s natural oils. So use LESS if that’s your issue too!

Birch Bark Daily Shampoo in Minimalist Pouch 450ml ($34) & Reusable Glass Bottle 100ml ($20)

White Birch Bark extract is a sustainable botanical extract found in the Canadian Boreal forest and renowned for its high levels of vitamin C and antioxidants. Less foamy and artificial than most competitors, the unique array of essential oils found in this shampoo offer both aromatherapy and an exceptional cleansing experience. Other key ingredients include eucalyptus extract, keratin; cedarwood, clary sage, rosemary and geranium leaf essential oils.

Glacier Clay Pomade in Reusable Glass Bottle 60 ml ($32)

This pomade is made with hand-picked organic glacial marine clay from northern British Columbia, an ingredient renowned for its abundance of beneficial minerals. Great for any hair type, it features a medium yet natural hold with a matte finish and a fresh and earthy scent from north-western Canada. The ingredients of this Glacial Clay pomade can help to promote healthy hair by moisturizing, nourishing and protecting throughout the day.

Red Maple Cream Pomade 60ml ($32)

Red Maple Bark extract is a sustainable botanical extract from the Canadian Boreal Forest and is known for its collagen and elastin-boosting properties. This pomade offers a medium to strong hold with a light-shine finish and a woodsy, herbal scent reminiscent of the vast Canadian wilderness. Other key ingredients include shea & cacao butter, coconut oil, birch sap, bees wax; laurel leaf, tobacco, clary sage and balsam fir essential oils.

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Julio Reyes

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