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Contest | MontBlanc Legend Fragrance #HEISMYLEGEND

Contest | MontBlanc Legend Fragrance #HEISMYLEGEND

It’s common knowledge with all of you that I have a passion for fragrance – stemming from my mother’s influence on quality fragrance. But that’s a story I’ve already shared with you guys. It’s time I share with you guys a strong male character; and it makes perfect sense with this special contest Montblanc has collaborated with #FASHIONIGHTS. 

Just a decade after it was established, exactly 105 years ago in Hamburg, Montblanc had already become one of the most prestigious names, thanks to the cult status of its legendary Meisterstück Writing Instrument. Montblanc has always been in tune with time, continuing to conquer new ground, creating ever more sophisticated objects of desire, synonymous with excellence. Its name is a signature, its logo a hallmark, the brand a world famous icon. Now Montblanc has reinvented its unique brand nature and personality again, in a new fragrance for men. LEGEND.



LEGEND. “A person whose fame or notoriety makes him a source of romanticized tales or exploits.” “A collection of stories about an admirable person.” Everybody could be a legend for an act, a speech or project which has definitely affected a person’s life in some ways. The question is: Who is a Legend for you? That’s what Montblanc asked me, share a LEGEND in my life in honour of Montblanc‘s LEGEND fragrance.

Growing up in single mother home; strong male figures where few and far between. But when I sat down and really thought about who played an influential role in the development of my being, childhood and/or future – it was obvious. Mr. McGrath; my 8th grade school teacher at Stella Maris Catholic School. Moving to Stella Maris for my last year of grade school because my previous school was closed down was challenging. It was my final year before moving onto high school and yes, I had quite a few friends moved to Stella with me, but it was like a double daunting transition. A new set of teachers, environment and peers before high school was something in which Mr. McGrath helped all of us own and realize that life’s major moments aren’t difficult when you have a strong lead with you. From him calling us “ladies & gentlemen” to his unwavering patience with our typical pre-teen angst;  he taught me to see the world with an abstract perspective, see things and situations outside the box and encouraged my creativity. A man who taught me to treat the CEO and the waste management guy with the same respect. For that I’m grateful. He unknowingly laid the framework of what I needed to know and embrace in order to become the man that I am.

mtblanct bouteille detoure

Mont Blanc recognized predominately known for its iconic writing instruments is becoming a namesake synonymous with elegance & sophistication rather than just boardrooms and pen pockets. And now with its LEGEND fragrance it looks to stand for individuality and inspiration. Now I want you all to join in on this elegance & inspiration for a chance to win some Montblanc prizes by sharing YOUR LEGEND.

Tweet, Instagram and/or Facebook (on the FASHIONIGHTS page) a story or photo of your life LEGEND using the hashtag #HEISMYLEGEND tagging @Fashionights for a chance to win one of these awesome Montblanc prize packs! It can be your father, brother, uncle, trainer or like me, an important teacher. You can can share that story on EACH of those platforms for a better chance of winning one of the prize packs! Remember you can’t have your Twitter or Instagram set on private otherwise I won’t see it and it’ll spoil your entry!

Contest closes October 22, 2015 at 6:00PM EST and open to Canadian residents only.
Black Rollerball Montblanc Cruise Collection1

Prize Pack 1 (valued at $355.00 CDN)

Black Rollerball Montblanc Cruise Collection ($270) – The Montblanc Cruise Collection Rollerball in deep black precious resin with elegant platinum-plated fittings and Montblanc emblem on cap top.

Montblanc Legend EDT 100ml ($85)



Prize Pack 2 (valued at $143.00 CDN)

Mont Blanc Speaker ($30): Black speaker with Montblanc Parfums logo. Connectibility to your phone, tablet, or computer through the international “jack” plug. Dimensions: 60 x 60 x 44 mm Watt: 2.5 W

Montblanc Legend Deodorant Stick ($28)

 Montblanc Legend EDT 100ml ($85)

UPC 3386460068123_MB008C29

Prize Pack 3 (valued at $98.00 CDN)

Montblanc Legend Gift Set: Montblanc Legend EDT 50ml & After Shave Balm

N.B: One (1) Instagram per entrant. One (1) Tweet per Twitter account. One (1) Facebook share on the FASHIONIGHTS Facebook page. Tweet, Instagram and Facebook share must include the #HEISMYLENGEND hashtage to be entered to win. Contest odds depends on how many valid entries are received. Contest closes October 22, 2015 at 6:00PM EST. Winners will be chosen at random and announced via @FASHIONIGHTS’ Twitter & Facebook page accounts. Contest winner will be contacted via Twitter, Instagram and/or Facebook; subsequently emailed for personal details to have prize sent to them. Prize redeemed must be in the form of Montblanc prize pack won. Prize cannot be redeemed for cash value. Contest open to Canadian residents only.

Photos: Montblanc & TCDSB

Julio Reyes

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