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Beauty & Grooming | #FindYourMagic With The Axe Advanced Collection

Beauty & Grooming | #FindYourMagic With The Axe Advanced Collection

At this point talking about my hair & grooming routine has become as constant as discussing what’s going in the fashion industry. Skincare lines, haircare products, styling tools and grooming regimens have all been documented, shared or at least profiled on my social channels – and I get it, not everything works for everyone and given our busy lifestyles (especially mine) we want need products that’ll give us results, make our lives easier and let us be us. As you’ve all come to know my struggles, successes and constant search for that ever-elusive product I have found some that not only let me embrace my individuality but also actually work. <Cue applause>

#AXE believes guys are at their best when they’ve found their magic – that thing that makes them unique, and the confidence that comes from embracing it. It’s what makes guys most attractive for the world around them. #AXE introduces the new AXE Advanced Collection, designed to help guys express their individual style so they can look, feel and be their best self. New from the AXE Advanced Collection are two individually crafted grooming lines – URBAN and ADRENALINE – with a range of benefits and fragrances inspired by these styles and experiences that excite today’s guy.

Desktop_AXE_Trilogy_Urban_Antiperspirant_Dry_Spray_2560x1440 (1)
Desktop_AXE_Trilogy_Urban_Antiperspirant_2560x1440 (1)

Living a go-go lifestyle filled with daily city travel, client meetings, pull runs & returns finished off by nightly events – it was obvious that the URBAN line was a natural fit for my lifestyle. The Dry Spray Antiperspirant and Stick in particular were perfect for my busy days providing me with a high level of odour protection with the new anti-odour technology. With the city as my playground I need these products to give me the edge while keeping me fresh.

The line is comprised of four products including an Antiperspirant stick, Dry Spray Antiperspirant (my favourite), Flexible Paste & Matte Gel. Inspired by the creativity of handcrafted elixirs, the URBAN line marries the notes of traditionally masculine scents with modern sweet notes that create an intriguing and inspiring new fragrance. What are said masculine scents and modern sweet notes you ask? Amber & vanilla – an exotic combo that mixes the smooth sweetness of rich amber & vanilla, and the spiciness of fresh ginger.

Seriously, they smell great and the best part: they’re effective. It’s one less thing to have to worry about; I jump out of the shower in the morning and I’m good to go – all day.


This is a sponsored AXE #ad post

Photos: AXE Canada

Julio Reyes

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