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Toronto | FASHIONIGHTS Goes On a #HiTecUrbanHike

Toronto | FASHIONIGHTS Goes On a #HiTecUrbanHike

I’m immediately drawn into events when they’re out of the box and planned out creatively, because any PR firm can put together a preview or organize a runway show.

So, when the team at NKPR (whom rep Hi-Tec shoes) came up with a fun and interactive urban excursion to test out the sports shoes I was in! And test  them out we did. Chantel, Chenessa and myself (figures, the rowdy ones) decided it was a great idea to jump off a shipping & receiving dock for the sake of function and photography! But the point of the excursion was to get a real feel of the footwear and experience their comfort, practicality and how easily they can be integrated into an urban lifestyle. Oh, and I forgot to mention, the talented Stefania Yarhi was on hand to snap some sick street style shots of us.

Having the luxury to choose from the extensive Hi-Tec shoe collection – I went for the sporty and super light-weight Zuuk style. And when I say light-weight I mean 166 grams to be exact. Literally, they feel like I’m wearing socks, they’re so light!

These are my friends. And I wouldn’t want them any other way.

Photos: Stefania Yarhi

Julio Reyes

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