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Preview | gsus sindustries F/W 2013

Preview | gsus sindustries F/W 2013

gsus isn’t what it use to be – and I’m not saying it was awful before, but the brand has matured and this experience has made me like their growth. A lot.

gsus sindustries started out in 1993 as an impulsive outsider, a rebel who cared little for status symbols and ‘how things are done’. In 19 years of intense history the rebel grew up. gsus sindustries’ philosophy is born from its intuitive, free spirited roots. Learning to understand their clientele and mastering a craftmanship that has become all their own, gsus sindustries is paving the way for progressive fashion at a level that is understood by ‘the mainsteam’ and maintaining its essence. Today, all gsus products include craftmanship & intuition, dreams & logic and precision & free association.

For fall, gsus’ collection sees influences from Russian life and military detailing. From neoprene double pocket coats for men to service style dresses for women, the fall collection is so up my alley. Exaggerated t-shirt styles saw graphic prints depicting Russian architecture and gsus’ signature jeans have incorporated sweat-pant fabrications and glow-in-the-dark features. Um, hi, glow-in-the-dark?! That’s freaking awesome.

My favourite piece from the collection – this mixed media bomber jacket with neoprene and nylon. You’ll be seeing a lot of collections incorporating mixed media so find yourself a great piece, my suggestion would be something with neoprene or leather, ladies & gents!

Check out the brand video below!

Julio Reyes

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