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Event | FUCK CANCER Toronto 2013

Event | FUCK CANCER Toronto 2013


Nothing to do tonight?! Join me, and some of Toronto’s biggest names for the 3rd annual FUCK CANCER INWYKIWK charity event at Cinema!!


FUCK CANCER INWYKIWYK™ was established over three years ago by co-founders, Julie and Hillel Greenbaum, as a tribute to their beloved mother and wife who lost her battle with ovarian cancer on January 9th, 2010. Since then, Greenbaum has succeeded in making a substantial financial contribution to cancer centers in each community that has come out in support. Events have taken place, and sold out, in Montreal, LA, Toronto, and will head to Ottawa and New York City this year as well!

Tickets are $40 at the door! Go now, it’s for a good cause and I know you’re just going to end up sitting at home doing nothing! GO!

Julio Reyes

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