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Food & Lifestyle | #iheartbosk Influencer Dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel

Food & Lifestyle | #iheartbosk Influencer Dinner at the Shangri-La Hotel

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You know what’s awesome?! Having such an amazing group of friends, peers and industry relationships that you can really enjoy being around. And you what’s even better? That we’re able to make an event trend on Twitter not only in Toronto, but Canada as well! Yes, you read that correctly! Last week’s #iheartbosk influencer dinner at the Shangri-La hotel trended through the city and ranked #2 on the Canadian board! Daniel worked very hard alongside the Shangri-La team to make the evening such a huge success; and I couldn’t be prouder of him!

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The dinner was comprised of things like caviar donuts (personal favourite), Marinated fluke, Nova Scotia Lobster to spring lamb; the entire menu was genuinely good. Like, actually really good. And I say that because many restaurants have a handful of good dishes, but Chef Damon Campbell’s experience and execution of dishes are impeccable.

To learn and take a peek at some of the food and beverage options at bosk visit the Shangri-La website. Daniel and I stayed at the hotel this weekend and found out that bosk has started a brunch menu just this weekend! SO, you now have ANOTHER REASON to go, guys!!


The caviar doughnut, my only complaint is that I wanted a bigger one to stuff in my face! So. Good.

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Photos: Shangri-La Hotel and Julio Reyes

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  1. Lisa

    Looks like such a fun night! I’ve been meaning to gcheck out the Shangri-La hotel. I had dinner at momofuku the other night, the building looks ahmazing!

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