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Preview | Karl Lagerfeld Watches

Preview | Karl Lagerfeld Watches

YES! Karl Lagerfeld‘s much anticipated watch collection is coming and it launches in a few days here in Canada! I got a sneak peek into a few styles from the French designer! The exclusively distributed collection will launch simultaneously in select doors and online in North America, Europe and Asia and the launch collection will feature limited edition packaging and specially engraved case backs, exclusive to the initial launch. MUST GET MY HANDS ON THESE! OBSESSED WITH KARL!

Born from the mind of Karl Lagerfeld, the watch collection boldly represents the designer’s vision translated to modern time pieces. Iconic and edgy, the seven watch platforms are presented in an assortment of colors and sizes, offering the ultimate in fashion versatility.

One of the most unique pieces in the collection is the “Karl Zip,” (above) Lagerfeld’s favourite silhouette. The Zip embodies everything that is Karl Lagerfeld with irreverent design and enduring appeal. The exposed zipper is fully functional and does more than lure the eye—you can wear this runway-ready style as multiple accessories. Love multi-purpose pieces!

Stand out features within the collection include; stainless steel bracelets,  luxe metallic leathers, pyramid studs and bold chains. Another collection highlight is the “Karl 7” (above) named after Lagerfeld’s favorite number and surrounded by a beveled top ring that achieves a sleek and modern look uncharacteristic of traditional watch designs.

Karl Lagerfeld said, “You cannot buy time but you can get a beautiful watch to measure time without spending a fortune.” And it’s true, retail price points will range from $180 – $695 CDN. The KARL LAGERFELD watch collection will launch globally on February 28, 2013 but specifically at The Bay retailers here in Canada!

Photos: Fossil Canada

Julio Reyes

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