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Food & Lifestyle | Diamond Estates Spring Sippers

Food & Lifestyle | Diamond Estates Spring Sippers

What better way to welcome the spring season then with the new Spring Sippers from Diamond Estates Winery. A few nights ago I hosted a mini wine party and with the help of my guests here’s a review of 6 different varieties.

Diamond Estates Wines & Spirits Ltd is one of Canada’s wine and spirits production, marketing & distribution companies that offers products that tantalize your taste buds. The following 6 varieties are the company’s latest wines each with its own body, flavour and appearance.

All Star Reds

2011 Hat Trick Red, NHL Alumni Wines, Retail $12.95 Rated 9/10

By far the most popular of the wines tried, this red offers a crisp and smooth smokiness that immediately draws its drinker in.  With a mild earthiness, Hat Trick Red is a Canadian Blend that helps show Canadian Wine at it’s finest.  With a good oakiness and body, I’d recommend this glass of wine with a hearty meal such as red meats and spicy dishes. With a nod to our Canadian heritage, this wine is definitely a crowd pleaser and won’t leave you disappointed!

2010 Gamay Noir, EastDell Estates, Retail $12.95 Rated 7.5/10

Of the six wines we sampled, this is by far my favourite. Gamay Noir is an elegant grape that offers flares of black currant, cassise and black cherry.  A mild lingering after taste of vanilla does nothing but leave a smile on your face. This medium bodied red is fantastic on its own and would pair beautifully with salty, decadent and buttery dishes.  A beautiful bottle to start or finish the night, I would highly encourage you to offer this at your next dinner party and see what your guests think of a well structured Ontario wine.

Fun and Fresh

2011 EastDell Estates Summer Rosé, EastDell Estates, Retail $12.95 Rated 7.5/10

I can’t say I’ve been a huge fan of rosé wines in the past as in many cases they can be too sweet if not done properly. But, at first sip the Summer Rosé is a well-balanced wine that amuses and plays with the palate. With hints of sour cherry, raspberry and cranberry this bottle has the right balance of sweet and tart. A great choice for an afternoon in the sun or as an end to a romantic evening. Pair this with fresh vegetables & cheeses, or if you feel inclined, dark chocolate and creamy desserts. A must have for the upcoming sunshine and beautiful days to come.

2011 20 Bees Pinot Grigio, 20 Bees, Retail $11.95 Rated 7/10

Who could ask for a better mascot of the spring and sunshine than that of the honey bee? Though Pinot Grigio’s can at time be tart and quite citric, this particular Canadian vintage offers hints of honey, cantaloupe and golden delicious apples. It’s a full mouth feel and is clean and crisp. I haven’t encountered a more entertaining and fun option of a Pinot Grigio in a long time. Food pairings that would play with these flavours would include fish and seafood dishes as well as fresh herbs and citric driven dishes.

Something New & Unique

2012 FRESH Moscato, FRESH Wines, Retail $11.95 Rated 6.5/10

Not the most approachable of grapes, this young Moscato can definitely be a daunting glass of wine if you aren’t sure of what you’re about to enjoy. Immediately, its perfumed flavours offer up hints of lilac and earl grey tea. Being quite acidic, I have a hard time recommending this to someone looking for an easy sipping glass of white. But it is definitely something worth trying if you are looking for a fun adventure or just something out of the ordinary. Try it with fruit and sugar driven dishes for a step into uncharted territory.

2011 Lakeview Cellars Sauvignon Blanc Reserve, Lakeview Cellars, Retail $16.95 Rated 6/10

Sauvignon Blanc is one of those grapes that can either wow me or leave me wanting more. This particular vintage was one that I didn’t necessarily love but has a lot of potential to grow into its full expression with proper aging. With a clean mouth feel, it offers mild hints of apple, melon and gooseberry. I encourage you to let this particular glass of wine breathe before you sip it, as it definitely opens up and becomes more enjoyable with time in the glass. Pair this particular bottle with fresh sushi, Asian inspired dishes and strong buttery cheeses.

My guests were pleased and most importantly came to understand how amazing Canadian and Ontario wines can be. Diamond Estates’ extensive variety offers something for everyone and if you’re in the market to try something totally different, the choice is there!

Cheers and enjoy responsibly!

Photos: Diamond Estates Wines

Daniel Desforges


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