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Defining Daniel | Arbonne Canada’s Fit Chews

Defining Daniel | Arbonne Canada’s Fit Chews

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“Better. Brighter. Stronger.”

*N.B: This is the personal journey of an individual and not what should be expected and/or the outcomes that you or others may experience.

Week #3

The first few weeks of a cleanse is always a learning experience for you and your body; you learn how your diet really effects your energy, skin, bowels and overall life. When I started this cleanse I knew I was going to experience changes; I had high hopes knowing that this was a healthier and more natural approach compared to other products.

My body has experienced ups and downs throughout my various diets & lifestyle changes and it has had to learn to adjust to the nutrients I was supplying it with. A daily routine of 2 Protein Shake Mix Meal Replacements for breakfast and lunch with a full healthy dinner meal I found that my energy was up and felt more balanced. Staying hydrated and ensuring to take time for myself with The Arbonne Canada Herbal Tea was crucial in my journey to a healthier me.

Now that I am more then half way done this cleanse and well on my journey to a healthier me, I am finding that my eating habits have improved and I am making smart choices again. As previously mentioned, better choices lead to healthy habits and ultimate changes in your every day lifestyle. It’s the first step that seems the hardest, but with dedication and perseverance, getting and staying healthy is really not so bad!

Arbonne Canada offers vegan friendly, natural products. From the crack of dawn to the wee hours of the night, there is a an Arbonne product that goes along with my daily routine to keep me on track. Working with Arbonne Canada‘s Nutrition products for this 30 day cleanse I’ll introduce a new product weekly that’s included in this cleanse. Health & Wellness is all about finding balance in the craziness of work, life and love. So what better to help define this balance then a structured meal plan, healthy exercise routines with balanced meals and the necessary vitamins?

Arbonne Nutritional Tip of the week:

“Slow down! When feeling very hungry, most people have a tendency to eat too much, too quickly. Be sure to understand portions of veggies, proteins and grains. Take your time when eating so you can properly digest your food.”

Product of the week:

Snacking. We all do it, and the best part is that we should be doing it to keep our metabolisms working to their fullest. What we snack on is the problem! Most pre-packaged snack products out there are so high in processed sugar and sodium that even the “healthy” options aren’t always the best ones for you. During this cleanse, one tool that was provided to me and helps me get through my day are the Arbonne Essentials Fit Chews.

These aren’t regular candy chews; rather they are nutritional dietary aids. They come in two flavours and the chocolate is actually delicious! I am not the biggest fan of the Caramel, but everyone has different tastes…  I like to cut them into smaller pieces and mix them together throughout my snack breaks. Taken twice a day alongside my regularly scheduled meals, shakes and snacks, they help to give me that boost I need throughout my busy schedule with Julio!

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Secret Weapon of the week:

Trail mix. Yes, the age old snack that “no one likes” is my new best friend all over again. Chalk full of healthy alternatives to the sweet and salty snacks we all crave, I actually really love the stuff! Although I wouldn’t encourage you to buy the kind full of chocolate candies or candied fruit, even those version offer a great relief to mid day hunger and cravings.

I encourage you to bring a baggy with you to the office or in your purse for those moments when you start to feel peckish throughout your day. A handful throughout the day helps feed your body the fuel it needs to keep going to avoid the “ups and downs” we all try to rectify with coffee and unhealthy options. For those of you like me doing the Arbonne 30 day cleanse, try chopping refrigerated Fit Chews into your trails mix for that sweet and salty snack that is actually a healthy alternative!

Mixing things up and snacking throughout the day will improve the way you feel, help your metabolism speed up and provide needed nutrients. It is never good to allow your body get to the point where you are so hungry that you eat anything in sight. Snacking is key, even for those of you not trying to do anything but make healthy choices in your regular life. So why not give this simple trick a try and see how it helps me to keep #DefiningDaniel.

Photos: Arbonne Canada

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