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Beauty | ‘Daisy Dream’ Marc Jacobs Fragrance

Beauty | ‘Daisy Dream’ Marc Jacobs Fragrance


Inspired by the boundless spirit of daisies and blue sky, Daisy Dream is Marc’s newest dream girl — ethereal, innocent and free.”

My love affair with fragrances stems from my mother. My entire childhood I grew up watching (and smelling) my mother apply an assortment of fine fragrances. Throughout the years many stayed in her roster, others lost their novelty but one thing was constant with my mother; “there is nothing worse than cheap fragrance.”

I look to her when it comes to fragrances and whether or not they’ll be a hit in stores reflects on how well she reacts to the initial notes of a fragrance. She’s my guinea pig that reaps the rewards of having a son that blogs about beauty products. Marc Jacobs fragrances are on the top of her fragrance favs (and constant nagging on whether MJ has released a new fragrance!) and Daisy Dream is no different. And although my mother isn’t the free and oh-so-innocent MJ dream girl, she knows what’s up when it comes to the olfactory pleasures!

Daisy Dream’s ad campaign stars Antonia Wesseloh, photographed by Juergen Teller and styled by Poppy Kain. The fragrances’ television spot is directed by Sofia Coppola.

With the launch of this new fragrance Marc Jacobs will be breaking new ground with a social media driven campaign; utilizing an emerging digital technology with the launch of the Daisy Dream Capsule social media platform. The campaign will tap into the ever-evolving realm of social media, creating wide-spread conversation with the help of the new and socially creative platforms. Based on the concept of daydreaming, the Daisy Dream Capsule is a digital forum for daydreaming, where consumers can create their personalized dream board, sharing with their social networks and community as well as a global map of daydreamers. Users can check it out at and also use #MJDaisyDream in their social media posts to join other daydreamers around the world.

Daisy Dream is currently available in 50ml ($85) & 100ml ($105) bottles and available at Sephora, Hudson’s Bay, Sears & Shoppers Drug Mart locations across Canada.

Photos & video: Marc Jacobs

Julio Reyes

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