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Ad Campaign | Aldo F/W 2017 by Frederike Helwig #AldoCrew

Ad Campaign | Aldo F/W 2017 by Frederike Helwig #AldoCrew


Revealing a fresh and powerful creative direction for its fall 2017 campaign; tapping into the digital space, bringing together the #AldoCrew – from shoppers to celebrities, A-listers to influencers, all while celebrating individuality and love for personal style.

The brand’s campaign contextualizes footwear and accessories as essential mediums for women and men to boldly pursue their passions and style with a I ♥ … concept personified by the talent – a diverse group of social influencers. Written with a touch of humor and wit that is unique to the Aldo brand, every I ♥ … claim is personal and relatable. Bringing this vision to life, Aldo worked with renowned creative director, Donald Schneider, supported by stylist, Claudia Hofmann, and fashion photographer, Frederike Helwig.


The campaign features influencers and models Joanna Halpin, Irina Sharipova, Markel Williams, Daviid Chima, Alex Ghantous & Jessey Stevens, DJ; Chelsea Dleah, singer and actress; Ali Simpson, fashion & travel blogger; Lindsay Marcella, artist and influencer; Jay Alvarrez with actress and model; Imogen Waterhouse rounding up the lot.

ALDO_Fall2017_Alex Ghantous_10
ALDO_Fall2017_Ali Simpson_8
ALDO_Fall2017_Chelsea Dleah_3
ALDO_Fall2017_Imogen Waterhouse_7
ALDO_Fall2017_Irina Sharipova_4
ALDO_Fall2017_Jessey Stevens_5
ALDO_Fall2017_Lindsay Marcella_6

Photos: Aldo

Julio Reyes

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