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Contest | Fall in Love With Danier & Win a $100 Gift Card

Contest | Fall in Love With Danier & Win a $100 Gift Card

Valentines day PR

Danier X FASHIONIGHTS are sharing the love this Valentine’s Day with a chance to win a $100 gift card for Danier Leather! Fall in love is something I never would have imagined and this year I have more to celebrate than ever before because well, as many of you know Daniel and I got engaged! WHOO!

But before Daniel there was Danier, and I know I can’t compare the two but I love clothes and I love Daniel. The first time I felt fell for Danier was when I was in high school I bought this slick bomber style jacket which I wear everywhere and I’d show you pictures but that was basically before the whole social media documenting was around; but this jacket was everywhere with me. From the cool grey tone to it’s contrast stitching; the jacket was bad ass and went with everything. And it true Julio form I was drunk somewhere with a bunch of friends and well, I lost the jacket. Not the happy ending you expected, eh but that’s how the cookie crumbles. I know have a new black biker style from Danier and I love it! Despite replacing that grey treasured jacket – I’ll always have fond memories of it.

Now, I want to read your special moments or a time that you ever fell in love with Danier; whether it be a favourite pair of gloves, a treasured jacket or a bag from the Canadian brand; I want to know!

Share it in the comments below for a chance to win a $100 gift card to Danier! Contest closes February 14, 2014 at 6:00PM EST. Winner will be chosen at random and contacted via email, so make sure to enter with a VALID EMAIL ADDRESS. Contest open to all residents of Canada.

Photo: Danier Leather

Julio Reyes


  1. CL

    My fiance gave me a leather jacket from Danier a few years ago and at that time, I was not fond of the style. Last year when leather was in again, I recently took a second look at it and started to admire the versatility and the buttery soft feel of the leather. It had a tear near the pocket which I also repaired because I hope to wear it for a few more years to come.

  2. Tracey

    My love affair with Danier began in high school with a leather skirt but now my heart leans towards their tailored jackets and bags.

  3. Sarah

    I have a teal scarf from there that I love. Purchased more of them as XMAS gifts for my roommates in 2010.

  4. Louise Lucato

    Oh la la – Danier!! I first fell in love with Danier when I bought my first slim fit BRIGHT red leather jacket!! I was actually just browsing not intending on buying a new jacket. haha “just browsing” right? As soon as I saw my first one true love hanging on the rack I couldn’t keep my eyes or hands off of it. It was GORGEOUS! It fit me like a glove! It was so soft, hugged me in all the right places and flattered me! It was on sale for $199.99 which is an amazing price for luxe soft Danier leather. I got complements from my friends, and coworkers. I never really thought that the colour red went well with my skin tone, but it really does! Ever since then I’ve honestly been in love with Danier Leathers great quality, and selection!!

    Ask me if ive fallen in love a second time? The answer is yes. I fell in love with my second Danier jacket. Nothing though will ever be like my first true Danier love though:) Wishing you and Daniel a Happy Valentines Day!

  5. Nadia

    I fell in love with Danier when my parents gave me this crisp white (but oh so soft) leather jacket as a birthday present one year. I still wear it whenever spring rolls around.

  6. Radhika Khan

    I have yet to have a Danier experience and I would love to win one!

  7. jennifer gibson

    I fell in love with Danier last year when one of my purses broke and I needed a new one right away. I searched in a lot of stores until I walked into Danier and found EXACTLY what I was looking for. It was in a gorgeous shade of orange with a touch of gold, the right size and the perfect price for me. I snapped it up and have been using it every SINGLE day. Since that day, I’ve received many compliments and people asking me where I got it. I found a winner!

  8. Bev

    I love Danier because they are simply the go-to place for leather fashion. The staff is friendly and the products are high quality for the price. My first experience with Danier was when I bought my sister a leather jacket for her birthday last year! She had it on her wishlist so the gift made her totally ecstatic! Now she is planning to get me a handbag from Danier that I really want for my birthday!

  9. Karine

    I bought my first Danier coat last fall, and I didn’t want to be rushed and wanted to make sure I chose the perfect one, because I was gonna splurge. I received the best customer service, she helped me, she gave me opinions, it was such a great experience. I was then very satisfied with my choice. 🙂 Love Danier!

  10. David Chiu (@stardchiu)

    I have yet to have a Danier experience, winning this will help me have my first : ) thanks!

  11. loucheryl

    I remember starting to work in downtown Toronto and there was a Danier in the PATH. During my lunch on day I went to check it out and found an awesome purple leather jacket that I feel in love with instantly AND it was 50% off! I bought it and now when I see it, I remember I bought it on my first day of work in downtown TORONTO! 🙂

  12. Becca

    I fell head over heels in love with Danier Leather in my first year of college. I went to the mall with my bestie and her and I were going through all the jackets. I had never even tried on a leather jacket before because I didn’t think that leather suited me! Boy was I wrong! I slipped my arms through the sleeves of the softest white leather coat and instantly fell in love! I looked like a snow princess in it!! It had a fur collar and it was so cozy! I still own it and its been a few years. Danier sells protectants to keep their leather clean and strong for years to come. Im so happy to have my Danier Leather love!

  13. Sumi

    When we were kids my aunt had a super cool leather jacket from danier, I now have that jacket!! Also just bought myself a handbag yesterday!

  14. Emma Bartlett

    I feel in love last year with my emerald green crossbody bag, for 2 reasons, the colour and the functionality! Perfect pop of colour and leaves both my hands free while I chase 2 kids! It’s perfect and a match made in heaven


    I bought my first ever Danier Jacket this year. I am in love with it and the quality is supreme! I would recommend them to everyone and hope to have another danier experience soon!

  16. Mark V.

    I remember the very first leather jacket I received as a teenager I had be asking for years and finally one christmas we went to danier and picked on. I cherished that jacket

  17. Victoria Ess

    I fell head over heels with Danier in my early teens. I remember my mother took me to Danier and bought me my first leather jacket. It was a sleek, black jacket, and fit so perfectly. I felt like a grown-up and was instantly in love. The feelings of sophistication, glamour, style, etc., continue to be my experience when I put on something from Danier.

  18. Stephanie P.

    My affair with Danier started in my mid-teens. I can still remember that jacket. Black cowhide, quilted lining, boxy fit. The perfect jacket for layering on those cold Prairie Winter days. And at the same time stylish enough to wear for an evening out with friends.

  19. Francesca

    For my 16th birthday, my parents promised me a Danier jacket. I went to the outlet in my hometown and fell head over heels in love with a white motorcycle jacket with a plethora of zippers! It was the most stylish thing I has every placed on my body. Unfortunately, it was well over the budget my parents had allotted me. I found a nice (but plain) black jacket I liked and took it home with me, with the white jacket still in the back of my mind.

    At my 16th birthday dinner with all my family and friends, I began opening gifts. I opened a rather large box from my parents and SURPRISE, it was my dream jacket!! I was so happy, it was the best gift I had gotten in years! That jacket sparked a high interest in fashion for me and to this day (and four jackets later) it is still my favourite! Danier jackets are, and always will be, a staple in my wardrobe.

  20. Christine bellemare

    I believe that Danier was for me : love that first sight. When you enter a store or when you shop on the web site, everything come beautiful. Thank for the great customer service representative, who had helped me this past year to buy and wear beautiful clothing. Special thank to jennifer for her support with my English ( 2nd language).

  21. Vivian D.

    My first leather jacket was from Danier, I love the styles and I’ve been buying them from Danier ever since

  22. Melissa

    I fell in love with Danier after visiting a store in Canada last year! The bags and the jackets are beautiful and I want them all!

  23. Jenny Bilodeau

    About 10 years ago, I would notice a girl at working coming in with a Danier leather coat each month . . .a new one every month. . .after I inquired where she got her coats I decided to check out the Danier Outlet in Kirkland, QC when it was there (now in Vaudreil even closer to where I live!!) and I was hooked from that moment on . . .I have a Danier leather coat in every color, gloves, scarves, pants, vests . . .I’m now hooked. . .everyone year I buy something new from Danier. . . . . . .I love that store!!! The girls know me by name in the store now!!! 🙂

  24. Cindy

    I’m looking for my love story with Danier, i’d love to win to make that happen! I’m in need of a new black biker jacket to complete my wardrobe! 🙂

  25. Jacqueline I

    I fell for Danier in my teens – though it wasn’t my own piece! My mother had just purchased her first real leather jacket (which would unknowingly lead to her owning OVER 65 leather & leather type jackets), I was smitten! It was a simple black leather, but it was so supple and soft-I borrowed it more times than I could count – and within a year had bought my own leather – a lovely cream jacket which I still own to this day!

  26. Lorrie


  27. Arielle Blais

    I don’t yet own any danier products but i definitly swoon every single time i “window shop” online. The purses and wallets are to die for and some of those leather skirts would make excellent additions to anybody’s wardrobe. Hopefully this contest could help me with my student budget! 😉

  28. Kira

    I fell in love with Danier 4 years ago when I bought my first leather jacket. It was a simple dark brown biker style jacket and I wore it everywhere! Prior to that I had never tried leather (with teh exception of shoes and purses). Since then I have developed an addition that could certainly use some assistance financially as I don’t plan on curbing this one any time soon!
    My boyfriend got me my 6th coat this year for Christmas and it is my first coloured coat in a beautiful robin’s egg blue. I cant wait to rock it this spring!

  29. Jenny (

    I fell in love with Danier when I bought a red leather skirt from them recently. It was in the most gorgeous shade of red and the leather was soft and well fitting.

  30. Cathy C

    I feel in love with Danier in high school many years ago when I bought my first leather jacket. I am drooling over a scarf my Mom got from Danier as a Christmas gift and hoping she decides I should have it. It has been 2 years and I do not see her softening, so don’t think I am getting that scarf LOL

  31. Jody

    I have been a fan since receiving my first pair of Danier gloves as a birthday present.

  32. Linda

    I feel in Love with Danier back in college when I purchased my first winter leather coat. Wore that coat right out & even received matching leather gloves from Danier as a Christmas gift from my sister.

  33. Jenn Dumaran

    My search for “a-laptop-bag-that-doesn’t-look-like-a-laptop-bag” is the road that led me to fall in love with Danier. Though slightly worn for wear these days, my Danier (laptop) tote is still the most functionally stylish workday accessory I have. xo

  34. Melissa Semedo

    I remember this moment so clearly…

    It was my sisters sweet 16 (back in the mid-90s) and the thing that was on every girls wish list was a leather jacket. It was getting close to the end of her party that night and Dad still hadn’t given her her gift. Just before everyone started leaving my dad walked in the room with a pretty big box wrapped with a red bow on top…My sister smiles and walked to the box, not having any idea what it was. She opened the box and there it was; the prettiest thing I ever saw. A beautiful black leather jacket, with 2 gold zippers in the front, and hood for those cold rainy days. I was so jealous of my sister, but also happy that she got what she wanted for such a long time! She let me try it on and I can still smell the fresh new leather! Since then I’ve had a bit of an obsession with Coats from Danier Leather, I wont buy them from anywhere else!!!

    Thanks ! 🙂


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