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I don’t know where to begin in terms of thanking people for making FASHIONIGHTS’ first event such a success. For years I’ve debated whether or not to throw anniversary parties for the site – but honestly, I’m not a planner. I’m really not. I can plan outfits and client wardrobes but not an event. So when the opportunity to join forces with an international publication, and with major help from Daniel, the first FASHIONIGHTS event was a major hit!

Those that are clueless as to what exactly this entailed or how this made any sense to throw here it is. Out There/Style, a publication based out of London, England (and featured me in the latest issue) planned a trip to Toronto for World Pride in participation with Visit Stockholm. Being a part of the industry here in the city, FASHIONIGHTS served as a logical liaison for the Out There/Style team. Fast forward 4 weeks of countless phone calls, back & forth emails, sleepless nights (because Dan & I are NOT event planner) and outfit selection – we did it!

A huge thank you to integral parts of making #GetTheFOutThere a success like the staff at West Bar, especially Glen Baxter for hosting and  being so flexible; our beverage sponsors, Grey Goose & Pelee Island because well, we all love drinks; Strut Entertainment for managing the likes of me and CONSTANTLY looking out for my best interests; Snap Shot Photobooth for the take home memories, Old Spice, GotstyleAgonist Parfums,Yo-Sox and Over The Rainbow for the gift bag participation; and lastly, my team – the unsung heros for making this what it was, where all credit should be given to, Daniel, Catherine and Nadine.

Below, an assortment of photographs including guests like Glen Baxter, Kristina Maria & Miles Faber, sponsors; LacosteDent De Man & Garrison Bespoke for my outfits. Visit my Facebook page where you can tag, share and enjoy tons more photos!

Thank you again to EVERYONE!

Photography: Barry Roden

Julio Reyes

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