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Beauty | Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution

Beauty | Clarisonic Deep Pore Decongesting Solution


I’ve been a Clarisonic user for over a year now (I have the Clarisonic Plus). I’ve had problem skin since my mid teens and I’ve tried or used a bunch of crap that’s either worsened my skin or improved it for short periods of time. None of them have given me results like the Clarisonic, and none of this “8 weeks you’ll see results” garbage it’s immediate. Smoother, tighter and clean skin, so clean that you can FEEL the clean.

What is the Clarisonic and what exactly does it do and how does it work? I can go on forever, but you won’t read that, watch the video below:

The latest addition to the Clarisonic family is the Deep Pore Decongesting Solution made up of Deep Pore Daily Cleanser, Deep Pore Decongesting Clay Mask and the Deep Pore Brush Head. The whole system is available together or also SOLD SEPARATELY should you already have the actual brush or just want to try the cleanser and/or mask, but the whole system works incredibly well together – duh, the reason they call it a system, guys!

Learn more about the Deep Pore Decongesting Solution below.

I’ve been using the system about two months and I have seen an improvement in my pore appearance – and the smoother, radiant aspect to it has been great. Remember to replace the Deep Pore any other of the Clarisonic brushes every 3 months, sold in singles or twin sets. Retail price for the Deep Pore system? $200 CDN available online or at Sephora stores around the country.

I also, want to clarify that this is not a sponsored post, I’m not being paid to blog or promote this product. There isn’t any bullshit – I genuinely love this product and I stand behind it for its effectiveness.

Photos & videos: Clarisonic

Julio Reyes

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