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Another year, another successful Essentials Lounge from the team at EGPR! This marks my seventh Essentials Lounge (see them all w/exception to EL3; sadly lost due to the site being reformatted years ago) and the ninth instalment of the annual Pre-TIFF lounge. Specialized for prepping members of the media, bloggers & personalities set to cover the madness & long nights of the Toronto International Film Festival; the lounge has been a welcomed start to TIFF.

This year, the #ESSENTIALSLOUNGE9 was especially welcomed considering that Toronto Fashion Week was days before the festival. So, mornings starting at 8AM and ending at midnight were not just going to be a week long; they were going to be 10 days. As I write this post I’m on day 7 and quite frankly, I’m beat – sitting here nursing a cold? But to be honest, I think it’s all these late nights.

Cue the Essentials Lounge roster of products making my life, sleep & appearance. Since we’re on the topic of sleep; This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray has been something I’ve been using for about 6 months now, its proven to help you fall asleep faster and wake up more refreshed, with 100% natural essential oils of French Lavender, Wild Chamomile and Vetivert. Trust me, couple sprays of this on each pillow – out like a light.

By now its no shock that my hair takes up a majority of my look. So when I leave the house at 7 in the morning I sure as hell need product that’s goin’ to keep me looking 100 all day. Design Me Hair got me with their pastel-coloured branding and clean aesthetic – I later was freaking about by the fact that their Hold.Me Hairspray has 3 different settings of spray. Hold.ME is a unique adjustable hairspray that gives you three levels of support your lush locks will love. With just a little twist, you can modify the hold from light, medium and strong. The long-lasting, flake-free formula gives you the shine, UV protection and volume you want for your mane.

By the beginning of August I gave up trying to match my foundation to be super tanned complexion this summer, so I’ve literally just been using a tinted BB to smooth things out. Thankfully, Smashbox has expanded their Studio Skin Hydrating Foundation to 40 different shades. The high-performing liquid foundation will last whatever the day throws at you and its Studio Skin evens skin tone & never settles into pores & lines. Bonus, its now proven to last 24 hours. Hollaaaaaaaaaa!

Other Essentials Lounge goodies included footwear from KEDS, the latest DKNY Stories fragrance, complete with personal bottle engraving, Over EZ natural supplement specially formulated to help reduce the hangover effects of alcohol, cozy Tuck Shop Trading Co. pullovers because #WearCanadian.

To view more photos and to see what other brands were part of this year’s #ESSENTIALSLOUNGE9 – to the entire EGPR team, my utmost of gratitude, thanks & appreciation. You all work so hard to execute this event every year but also with the other countless initiatives and activations you put on. Thank you for everything you do; you’re deeply appreciated. Each and every one of you.


Photos: Ryan Emberley

Julio Reyes

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