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Style & Technology | Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Style & Technology | Microsoft Surface Pro 4

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My daily routines can vary from a moderately relaxed morning of meetings with clients that lead to events in the evening to 8AM call-times that can have me non-stop traveling, walking, hauling and Ubering myself from literally one end of the city to the other.

Yes, there are days I wish I had two body doubles to fill-in for me just to nod and be present somewhere but I make due and try to get around other responsibilities like blogging, answering emails and seeing what’s up online. Enter, the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – and this isn’t just a brash unapologetic plug for the Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – the device has literallyACTUALLY changed my day to day. And by change I mean revolutionized my days and I’ve had the device less than a week.

The tablet that can replace your laptop,” is by the far the most accurate marketing tag I’ve ever been privy to. Based on my screen-time in front of my (giant 22″ touch screen) Windows 10 desktop at home, I’ve grown accustomed to a large work space and the familiar Microsoft operating system. Its limitation; the fact that it is by no means, PORTABLE so I HAVE to be at home to use it. The Surface Pro 4 runs like a laptop with the astronomical convenience of a tablet – hence, The tablet that can replace your laptop, guys!


The Surface Pro 4 runs all the desktop software I rely on, while being lighter than ever starting at 1.69 pounds (766g). The 12.3-inch PixelSense display has extremely high contrast and low glare, going from laptop to tablet with the multi-position Kickstand and keyboard. Jotting down notes and ideas with the Surface Pen and Signature Type Cover have never been easier and when I need to connect to other devices and accessories, the Surface Pro 4 has advanced wireless capabilities and all the ports you need – even the ever-critical USB port!

My personal Surface Pro 4 is complimented with the Signature Type Cover crafted in a stunning two-tone grey mélange style of Alcantara – a unique, proprietary material, sourced only in Italy, with aesthetic, sensory, and technical qualities unlike anything I’ve ever experienced. Touching & working with wardrobe pieces from some of the biggest luxury houses in the world, I’d have to say that the Alcantara material on the Signature Type Cover is sublime.

As much as I’m into my tech, I do always leave the tech specs to the professionals – to learn more visit

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