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Fashion | Winter Ready with Parajumpers #PJSFriends

Fashion | Winter Ready with Parajumpers #PJSFriends

Guys, winter is creeping up on us and for those of you who follow me on Twitter, I’m constantly on the cold train; raving about how I’m all about the cold or how sick I am about sweating when the thermoemeter is over 15 degrees and that fall & winter are my time to shiiiine!


Now, as we’re all from the Great White North, we know a thing or two about bone chilling temps, knee-high snow banks and blistering winds but we never want to sacrifice our aesthetics, looks and style. Yes – I know, “how cliché of you Julio.” But it’s true – how often are we stuck with the same choice footwear that we’re able to trek in from the outdoors to an event, or at least work? Not many. How often can we do our hair, not wear a hat and transit over to where we need to be AND NOT have our ears from freezing? Not many. And when we want a jacket that’ll be both functional and visually pleasing (oh and won’t have you looking like everyone else), also not many.


Enter Parajumpers, an apparel brand with its origin in search & rescue, brought together by some of the fashion world’s leaders in outerwear.

Parajumpers is a project deriving from the cooperation between Ape and designer Massimo Rossetti, who has many years of experience as a designer of outerwear, and also as an importer of American brands for the Italian market.

A meeting with a serving member of the 210th Rescue Squadron in an ill-famed bar in Anchorage, Alaska provided inspiration for Massimo Rossetti’s latest creation.

The result is an extremely innovative outerwear collection with highly technological components, designed above all else to be functional.

The inspiration:

The men of the 210th Rescue Squadron, based in Anchorage, Alaska, are highly trained for extreme rescues and recoveries in the wildest, most remote and hostile corners of the Globe. Whether it be ships adrift at sea, rock-climbers stuck atop a 4,000-meter peak, or submariners sunk at unimaginable depths, these men are called to intervene.

They are the PJs – short for PARAJUMPERS. Tough and courageous, they are better trained than any other military corps, but most important, they use their skills and techniques to save lives.



With most parka brands, it’s pretty straight forward with how they function and/or how they’re made. From sourcing and manufacturing to attention to details like removable liners, sustainably sourced furs, multi-functional pockets, reinforced rivets and high-count down & feather fill.

Made of hard-wearing nylon, these jackets come with a removable down-padded lining and a fur-trimmed hood. The collar fastens with a hook used in parachuting. On the front lies a large, zippable multi-cargo pocket containing a further three pockets designed for carrying accessories, such as ipods, GPS devices, mobile phones, etc.…


With a wide range of styles, from bombers & parkas to light-weight downs & mixed media styles ranging in materials Parajumpers has styles for any one and any situation. Some favourite retailers stocking up on Parajumpers include, Harry Rosen, Sporting Life, JCY House and for a full list of retailers near you check out Parajumpers’ Store Locator!

Photos: Daniel Reyes

Julio Reyes

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