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Toronto | CityPASS Toronto

Toronto | CityPASS Toronto

So I’ve been mulling over the idea of a new ‘column’ of sorts for the Food & Lifestyle section of the blog and I finally came up with the concept: Daniel’s Destination.  This new column will focus on new and fun locations in the city of Toronto, or travel destinations that are trending and unique.  So during a recent visit to the Visit California event (blog post on it’s way soon!) I came across the perfect introductory topic for Daniel’s Destination!

CityPASS Toronto (a branch of CityPASS) is one of the best ideas I’ve come across in a long time. The concept is quite simple; buy tickets to the leading attractions in destination cities around the world in one convenient package; best of all, for a fraction of the price!  Genius! Invented long before Groupons and online discount deal sites, this company certainly was ahead of its time.

Whether hosting family and friends from out of town or looking to explore a new city you are travelling to, this is the perfect idea to get you started. For Toronto, the iconic attractions include

 Who wouldn’t want to go see the new Panda Exhibit at the Zoo or visit the CN Tower and not have to wait in line to buy tickets upon arrival?  See the sights and skip the lines?  Sign me up for every city you’ve got!

My immediate thoughts go to being able to play tourist in my own city.  How many of you Torontonians have actually been to the major attractions and seen the sights that surround you on a daily basis? I know that I haven’t since I was a little boy. So this summer, along with CityPASS Toronto, I am going to explore the sights and sounds of Toronto, and you should too!

So you heard it here first, check out the CityPASS Toronto website and enjoy Daniel’s Destination #1: The City of Toronto. It’s waiting for you! And as always, make sure to tell them Daniel from sent you.

Photos: CityPASS Toronto

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