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#FSNTravels | Booking Hello at Catalonia Royal Tulum Beach & Spa Resort

#FSNTravels | Booking Hello at Catalonia Royal Tulum Beach & Spa Resort

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FASHIONIGHTS is off to Mexico friends! Daniel and I have both been Tweeting and Instagramming about our first International trip together. Granted we’ve each gone on trips on our own or toured Canada (mostly Ontario) together, him and I haven’t gone away together so we’re pretty excited about that. Although I don’t know how he’ll react when he realizes how FREAKED OUT I get on a plane. No, it’s not the whole ride, it’s just during take-off and landing – jitters, really.

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Booking Hello is taking care of business with their online platform that’ll have you stress-free and easily finding a vacation in minutes! Hello offers its members unique services and prices within the market and access to special discounted rates in over 80,000 hotels, car rentals, helicopters, airplanes, yachts, theme parks and cruise companies to travel around the world. Hello is a relatively young and evolving company with international expansion projects to offer the best deals to members in some of the main tourist destinations in the world.


We’ll be leaving Toronto early Monday morning and landing in Cancun, Mexico where we’ll make out way to one of Hello‘s Mexican resorts from the Catalonia Hotels & Resorts family, the Royal Tulum. It’ll be a jam packed week of sun, sand, adventures and of course drinks so make sure to follow along on my Twitter and Instagram and right here on FASHIONIGHTS where I’ll be sharing my insights, dos and donts, experiences and outfits! I can’t freaking wait!

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