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Fashion | HUDSON Jeans Men Fall 2014

Fashion | HUDSON Jeans Men Fall 2014

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All my fall features are coming starting to come out! Yes, for all of you that are dragging out the full length jeans and flip flops – it’s time to let go. Permanently. One being that I detest flip flops and two, that full length jean and flip flops? Why would you even!? Guys especially.

Thankfully with a new season comes both cooler weather and a whole new batch of collections from some of our favourite brands. Denim can be difficult to shop for and you’re not alone when it comes to shopping. From rises to leg openings and washes to weights – denim is a as particular and varied as the person shopping for it. Over the years I’ve bought and tried different brands of denim, low end to high end, fast-fashion to designer options but there is one that is constant. HUDSON Jeans.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you should buy them because they’re gifted me a pair of jeans (because they did) or that you feel that I’m being paid to (I’m not) but because I speak from experience. I’ve shelled out the $200+ for the three pairs I currently own and I genuinely love them. And that’s because their constant innovation in denim and design, their attention to detail and most recently, their realization of the industry’s norm of unnecessary photoshopping is great!

But we at Hudson want to roll out everything we do with creativity, intention and craft, so we are pacing ourselves. Our first big change here is #ShushTheBrush: Our realization that the unnecessary tampering of images in our ads needs to stop. After a groundbreaking year of brainstorming and soul searching, we realized how much we were perpetuating these unrealistic expectations for young women and men. The solution was simple, obvious, and long-overdue: No more participating in what has become a commonplace, standard practice in our industry – unnecessary photoshopping.

But, that’s a whole other conversation of steering away from photoshop. Applause. And great to see the brand’s direction and relationship they want to create & foster with their audience. Seriously, great job guys. This season, we’re seeing that back-to-basics mentality for the menswear options – washes, fits and as always, quality in denim. Here are some of my favourite styles from the Fall 2014 collection.

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Photos: HUDSON Jeans

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