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Defining Daniel | Equinox Fitness Club: Bay St. Week 3

Defining Daniel | Equinox Fitness Club: Bay St. Week 3

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“It’s Not Fitness. It’s Life.”

Week # 3

Week 3 is already here and my month long partnership with Equinox Fitness Club Bay St is already over half way done! Last week really helped to fuel the fire along this journey. I maintained a healthy regiment of running every single day on my lunch break and taking part in as many classes as I had time to enjoy! I am doing my best to try out every possible class and get a chance to relax at the Spa. But with so many amazing classes offered throughout the day and all the amazing sessions offered at the Spa, something tells me that just isn’t going to happen! Equinox Fitness Club Bay St. just has too much to offer!

My focus for this week amid a healthy workout routine and a busy schedule with Julio is going to be and to try and remember to relax. The Spa at Equinox is just what I need to pamper my body after I push it to it’s limits in the gym. From facials to massages, this is the place to unwind after a good workout or better yet, after a tough day at the office. The sensibility of ensuring a ‘one stop shop’ feeling is one of the great features Equinox Fitness Club Bay St. offers to each and every one of its members.


As I am progressing through this month of transformation and finding balance inside and out, the fact that I have the best of the best in the fitness world on my side is reassuring to say the least. I know that from the moment I walk in, to the moment I leave feeling rejuvenated and hopefully slightly slimmer, that Equinox has my best interest in mind!

And as for The Spa, should I find the time this week (which I will do my very best) who wouldn’t want to try the following and so many more treatments?!


“Finally, a facial with the Midas touch. This signature service uses a 24-Carat Gold mask for maximum hydration, smoothing, and radiance. Good for all skin types, and especially beneficial for hyper pigmentation and anti-aging, the 24k Facial contains gold powder and silk extract which moisturizers, hydrates, lifts and firms, reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brightens the skin and reduces melanin. Bling, bling.”

After work one night I will have to go in to indulge myself. I love that they offer products from Kiehl’s (in the amazing showers I might add. I take full advantage when I work out!) to exclusive Equinox products. The best part is that if you don’t have time to take yourself to The Spa, you can take The Spa home with you. Now THAT is making sure your members stay happy and taken care of!


Focus of the week:

Down time is just as important as the time you put in at the Gym. Especially for people like myself that are having to relearn their physical and mental limits in order to push past then, letting your body recover and rest is crucial! I ensure to push myself hard at the gym and balance that out by getting a good night’s rest (well, as much as I can possibly do with our schedule!)

It’s wonderful to keep up with a great class schedule and enjoy the staff and all their knowledge, but if you don’t allow your body to rest and recover you can do some serious damage. And there is nothing worse then having to take a big step backwards along your journey to a healthier and better you then pushing too hard and harming yourself in the process. So to all of you out there, take it easy on yourself! A six pack wasn’t earned in a week. A marathon won’t be run in a month worth of training either. Health is about learning your boundaries and slowly working to push past them to bigger and better things. But don’t be daft and push yourself right into a doctor’s office either!

Secret Weapon:

The Juicery. My favourite place in the whole gym aside from a hot shower after a good run. This stunning space is not only the perfect place to rest your weary body after a tough day, but it also the hub for all things technology. Phone docks, chargers, outlets and wifi make this centrally located common space into a perfect place to stay up to date with the world before and after your workout.

Not to mention the delicious menu of fresh food, juices and smoothie for both pre & post workout. Ensuring your body has the proper nutrients will detrimentally affect the outcome of a workout. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that your body needs fuel, especially when pushing it to the limit! So why not enjoy my personal favourite, The Greene signature juice after a good workout? And make sure if you skipped lunch to grab a bite to eat from the delicious choices offered daily! It’s all about balance my friends, and Equinox Fitness Club Bay Street certainly has got you covered in every way possible.


With a fitness regiment in order, plans to keep myself relaxed and pampered and a proper place to get the nutrients I need after a workout it seems as though @Equinox #BaySt really is helping me to keep #DefiningDaniel in more ways then I possibly could have imagined!

Why not follow me along my journey and see what happens to this stubborn man learning what it means to be healthy all over again?

Photos: Equinox

Daniel Desforges


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