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Food & Lifestyle | Wendy’s & I Go Way Back

Food & Lifestyle | Wendy’s & I Go Way Back

At this point my affinity for comfort food, specifically burgers, is not news and I’m constantly thinking of my next sit down. Although we all have our favourites whether they  specialize in speed (but sacrifice quality), give us those limited edition releases or provide that nostalgia of growing up – we all have our reasons.


My personal relationship with Wendy’s goes back to high school (S/O to Dante Aligheri Academy!) where for two years in a row my third period lunch would be spent hanging out with friends at the Lawrence location right behind our school. Those two year lunch periods were spent laughing, crying & eating with the likes of Vanessa, Sophie, Sandra, Jackie, Cymone & boyfriend who shall remain nameless were memorable moments – memorable moments because I spent quality time over food that brought us together. Do I still see and spend time with those mentioned? Maybe not as often but thanks to the memories we shared – Wendy’s holds a special place in my heart.

But what was it about Wendy’s that kept us coming back? I mean we had a variety of other options within walking distance from very recognized establishments but they didn’t quite cut it…Lord knows they didn’t have a Frosty nor that distinguishable juicy beef patty that we came to appreciate. It was that quality of beef that I now know kept us coming back for more.


At the time I wasn’t aware that Wendy’s was founded on the idea of quality, and that they’ve always maintained that fresh tastes better.

“Three out of four Canadians who eat beef believe that fresh tastes better,” according to a recent survey commissioned by Wendy’s Canada.


While consumer expectations continue to evolve, Wendy’s is committed to delivering the taste and quality Canadians have come to expect: 100% fresh Canadian beef. And evolve they have, if you were to have asked 17 year old Julio why the importance of supporting local is so crucial he would have shrugged his shoulders (BRAT! I know).

“When it comes to beef, the passion for ‘local’ continues to grow with 92 per cent of Canadians indicating they think it’s important to purchase local” according to a recent survey commissioned by Wendy’s Canada.

NOW, as a savvy educated consumer; I value quality and the importance of supporting locally sourced products  – Wendy’s has made sure that one hundred per cent of its beef is raised in Canada and served in every hamburger across the country.

Here’s the best part – I want you guys in on the always fresh, never frozen goods by giving you a chance to win a $30 (CDN) Wendy’s giftcard!

All you have to do is leave a comment below


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Winner will be chosen at random, contest open to residents in Canada and closes March 29, 2017 6:00PM EST

*This is a sponsored post, Wendy’s Canada has provided compensation for this post. Disclosure can be found here*


  1. joy

    I love Wendy’s!! I remember visiting Wendys with my friends during the high school years too – loved the Frosters!! Now, I am all about those big delicious burgers!! Yum! I haven’t visited in ages – I think it’s time to check them out again!!

  2. Cymone Hartley

    Julez! this is amazing first of all and second like wendy’s is the shizzzz and we so go way back having the frosty with our fries come on we were obsessed. loved it! Wendys actually came out with these jalepeno cheese fries and they were those were my favourite to be honest!

    love you fashionights <3

  3. Devin

    Love Wendy’s! Baconator combo with sour cream & chive baked potato and Vanilla Coke out of the Freestyle is my go to! Frostee for dessert

  4. Stephanie

    My favourite thing to order from Wendys is the Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger! Delicious!

  5. Glogirl

    Love that they are committed to serving 100% fresh Canadian beef. A great way to support our beef farmers.

  6. Jennifer C

    I adore all things Wendys. Truly comfort food! My fave is Spicy Asiago Ranch Chicken Club and of course the cheeseburgers and Frostys. Thanks for the chance

  7. Toby

    Chili is my Wendy’s comfort food for as long as I can remember!

  8. Deborah C

    My fave is the chocolate frosty.

  9. Mary

    I’m a big fan of the Wendy’s spicy chicken burger!!!

  10. Kimberly Yap

    I love the spicy chicken sandwich as well as a frosty, who can resist?

  11. Maritess

    Please keep the Baconator as a menu staple.

  12. Jonnie

    This post made me so hungry! I still remember when Wendy’s first opened in the small town I grew up in. It was such a big deal that their burgers were square! Even after all these years, the JBC is still my favorite menu item.

  13. Josh S

    I have been a fan of the Baconator for a long time!

  14. nicole

    I love wendys. I love their chocolate frosty!

  15. nicoleroannef

    i have a long term obsession with their baked potato and frosty.

  16. Nancy

    Anything off their value menu is so worth it, i especially love the jr cheeseburger deluxe! I could live off of them!

  17. Jenness M

    Wendy’s has the best salads!

  18. Linda

    I love Wendy’s burger. It’s been my favourite since I was a kid.

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