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Cover | HERO Magazine #13 ft. Justin Bieber by Hedi Slimane

Cover | HERO Magazine #13 ft. Justin Bieber by Hedi Slimane


Designer and photographer, Hedi Slimane once again collaborates with HERO Magazine for another cover, this time starring Justin Bieber.

In this thirteenth issue of the mag (available for pre-order here) Bieber discusses his evolution as an artist; especially under the watchful eye of the entire world and how writing has been an escape for him. So more melancholic songs on the next album, Justin?

Global pop phenomenon Justin Bieber finds himself on the precipice of career-defining gear change, attempting to master the transition from kid-star into respected adult artist. Shot for this issue by Hedi Slimane, Bieber discusses his new-found passion for writing as a release, and his nerves about putting out a new album under the world’s watchful gaze.

I was a Beliber from day one and whether or not his antics were calculated or not – guy’s gotta do what a guy’s gotta do to get attention. Justin you are the new Prince of Pop.

Photos: Hedi Slimane for HERO Magazine

Julio Reyes

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