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Beauty | MUGLER Les Exceptions Fragrances

Beauty | MUGLER Les Exceptions Fragrances

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Exceptional fragrances are forever etched in our memories from iconic ads to the men and women that become synonymous with them; think, Marilyn Monroe and Chanel No. 5. While other fragrances serve as reminders of important people or moments in our lives (My mother and her fragrances), whatever the case finding that special scent is different for each of us.

Enter MUGLER Les Exceptions. A collection of 5 different scents from Thierry Mugler that is the essence of the MUGLER brand and reveals some of the creator’s inner life, by letting us into his secret: drawing upon the past and seeking inspiration from the great classic icons in order to tell an even more beautiful an evocative story, perhaps recounting what is yet to be.

Those of that may not be aware, MUGLER is now the name for the house since it’s rebrand when Nicola Formichetti took over. These new fragrances are in relation to the modern house and reflective of its dark, sculptural aesthetic.

Created by perfumers, Oliver Polge and Jean-Christophe Herault, the duo took their personal experiences and generations of knowledge by going to extremes in putting finishing touches on every detail and manipulate disconcerting combinations to achieve the sublime.


ChyprissimeChrypre is an iconic and noble harmony, based on a traditional blend of bergamot orange, oak moss, cistus labdanum & patchouli, and invented at the beginning of the 20th century. Probably my least favourite, it smells of old world – difficult to explain, sort of like Chanel No. 5

Supra FloralThe Soliflore, reinvented around a remarkable flower, rare in perfume making, the hyacinth. A fluid, profound and richly-faceted flower, velvety, green and crisp, quickened by an unexpected ingredient with a fiery temperament, incense. The spicy aromas of a great perfume in a paroxysm of pure sensuality. It has a very strong scent of pure florals, an acquired taste in this smell.

Fougere FurieuseArchetypal in men’s fragrances, the “fougere” accent traditionally reveals a wealth of aromatic, woody notes with geranium, oak moss, bergamot and coumarin. With its floral facets, borrowed from feminine perfumes, neroli challenges the masculine character of the fougere accord and creates turmoil…it teams up with incredibly sexy and overdosed coumarin and amber notes. One that stuck out and made my top 3

Over The MuskMusk used to be one of the rare natural ingredients in perfume making that could not be farmed and was extracted from the musk deer. Reinvented by technology, musk has since lost its animal nature in favour of a more mellow transparent notes. The warmth and texture of an uncompromising perfume, an awesome, sophisticated scent, like precious cashmere. This is my personal favourite of the 5 scents and grabbed a bottle while at the preview!

Oriental ExpressBalms, resins, vanilla and powdery effects create intensely sensual and addictive blends. A Startling and unusal base of carrot, see and wood adds an unexpected twist. An original edginess in an oriental perfume that loses none of its sumptuous opulence. The other fragrance that made my top 3


Last bit of info is how you’re able to purchase these fragrances! At the Thierry Mugler consultation table, the MUGLER ambassador gives personalized advice and takes the time to introduce the story behind each Exception. The fragrance is then vaporized on a paper cone which “harvests” the vapors before placed on beautifully designed base to form a bouquet of scented cones. Finally  the “empty” bottle is filled at the Source Bar (below), and the fragrance undergoes a metamorphosis and takes on the colour of the chosen fragrance. Later named with a ribbon, placed in a black jewel case and sealed with a silver metal stirrup clip.

Canada is the first country to make you discover Les Exceptions and available exclusively at Hudson’s Bay: Toronto at the Queen St. location and obviously at Yorkdale Shopping Centre.

80ml $185

Source refill 80ml $127


Photos: MUGLER & Julio Reyes

Julio Reyes


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