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Ad Campaign | Chanel ‘3 Girls, 3 Bags’ by Karl Lagerfeld

Ad Campaign | Chanel ‘3 Girls, 3 Bags’ by Karl Lagerfeld

The campaign title pretty much sums it all up; Chanel launches its three girls three bags campaign for S/S 2015 all of whom were cast by Karl Lagerfeld himself. The creative director takes on the role as the photographer & lenses the three girls (Kristen Stewart, Vanessa Paradis & Alice Dellal) that he feels embody these three iconic Chanel bags.


Since discovering the Boy I have found it a permanent fixture in my wardrobe. It’s a ‘fuss-free’ bag, it is very modern! The Boy bag was my first job with Chanel, it was the beginning of a unique journey. I also love the fact that it has such a romantic story behind it.” – Alice Dellal


For me the iconic handbag is just like the House of Chanel, fundamental and modern, two qualities not usually shared.” – Kristen Stewart


I like the fact that it blends in with clothes or against the skin with infinite gentleness“. – Vanessa Paradis

What do you guys think? I can always do without Kristen Stewart — I’m so impartial to her.

Photos: Chanel

Julio Reyes

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