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Ad Campaign | Lucian Matis F/W 2013 by Greg Swales

Ad Campaign | Lucian Matis F/W 2013 by Greg Swales


It’s not often that Canadian designers score with an amazing ad campaign, but Lucian Matis has constantly amazed and proved that Canadian fashion is being lead by him. From an assortment of projects, collaborations and a ready-to-wear collection, Matis has been a favoured and respected talent. And what’s better is that Matis is by far one of the most humble and sweetest people around – and so hands-on with everything he does! Truly someone to aspire to!

This latest bit of Matis magic comes in the form of his campaign for his Fall 2013 collection lensed by Greg Swales. A gorgeous shoot with Matis’ designs falling into place with gorgeous backdrops. Elegant, forward and the proportions are stunning!


Photos: Lucian Matis

Julio Reyes

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